Daily snippets 09/05/18 – do I need to watch the news?

I keep meaning to do these daily snippets and then life gets in the way. But they’re back, for now, because I like to offload the contents of my own head, and what better place to do it than my own blog?

I asked social media today, this question: is it wisdom or ignorance to stop watching the news and keeping up with what’s going on in the world?

I’m finding watching and listening to the news is stressing me out. Hearing what Donald Trump has said or done makes me worry, the repeated machiaations of politicians about Brexit and the state of our country makes me feel sad and worried. The media seems to gleefully repeat and regurgitate and spin the gloom and doom endlessly and it just makes me feel down.

I like keeping up with current affairs and what’s going on in the world and usually pride myself in being aware and able to converse on current affairs. We were taught at school to read the papers and listen to the news, and discuss what we were observing so it’s kind a of a lifelong habit and hard to break.

But I think I need to stop. I find my anxiety levels rising when I watch and listen. I don’t want to feel isolated and ignorant though.

Is it worth keeping up with current affairs? It feels like the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, is there any point in my being reminded of that daily?

So maybe I’ll stop watching, reading and listening?

Or is that ignorant and hiding my head in the sand?

Anyone else feel this way?

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