Creative fun with StikBots

My small son loves games and toys that help him with imaginative play and I like games and toys that keep him creative and busy. He loves to make and construct things and let his mind explore and grow. He is happiest when he is building and using his hands and very busy brain. 

So StikBots is a perfect toy and activity for him and we were recently sent a kit for him to try, which he has loved building and playing with. 

StikBot are great for getting creative, making new adventures and then learning how to animate and sharing what you have created. My small son already has some basic animation skills he’s learned from school so this sort of thing is right up his street. 

It’s a fairly simple concept that adults and kids can both enjoy. You build, you create scenes and adventures with your Stikbots and then you can use the App from iOS or GooglePlay to create animations and have hours of fun making your Stikbots come to life. StikBot is loved by adults and kids, and is a fun and very simple way to learn how to animate and join in the fun of bring a toy to life. 

We have had a lot of fun creating and building and using the app to animate with the Space Adventure StikBot set.

There is a whole community of kids and adults who enjoy creating with StikBot, we have watched some hilarious and fun animations and videos on their channel and via the app. It has been fun to let the boy explore and create. The app is easy to use and he and I had a lot of fun trying out ways to make fun little clips of StikBot and his space adventures. We are in the process of creating our own YouTube video, of what we got up to, which we will be sharing soon. The boy is happy to spend hours quietly creating and playing and the Space Movie set Kit is brilliant because it comes with scenes and items to make a real space adventure possible and hours of play. 

This is a great toy for kids, who love to create and use their imagination and for encouraging imagination. The Stikbot literally can be stuck to walls, windows and surfaces to bring him into action, and I have found him lurking in all sorts of places midst an adventure. It’s a fun way to encourage kids to learn and also enjoy creating. Price wise there are Stikbots and accessories and kits that can fit into both the pocket money bracket as well as the “spend more because it’s a gift” bracket, and the boy already has his eye on a couple of other things he wants to add and some more Stikbots to join him in his creative fun. 

So, it’s safe to say that Stikbot is a win, and kid and mum approved and is a toy that will be played with for a long time to come. That’s a win all round, in our book….

*we were kindly sent some items to review, but all opinions are our own*



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  1. I have seen Stikbots and have never quite got around to getting my girls the sets….I think they’d love it. We have birthdays coming up so they are something to think about x

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