Space-themed perfection for a bedroom

*we were kindly sent some space-themed items to review and share about*

We created a space-themed bedroom for our son. We have worked hard and recently had a HUGE room move around in our house, to make bedroom space easier for the kids and to give them more room to play. The teen doesn’t need as much space as her brother at the moment and has a fabulous desk bunk bed set up, so she is happier in the smaller room in the house, and the boy needs space for his lego, cars, puzzles, and games so he needs more floor space. So we have played musical rooms and we are now in what was the teen’s room, she is in his old room and we grown-ups are in her room? Got that? It took us a few weeks to get used to too.

Our old room was pretty bland and boring and we are in the middle of making it much more fun for a boy. It’s taking a bit of time and we have had some issues to face with some DIY that has made things more challenging because our house is old and sometimes it takes a bit of ingenuity to get things sorted but we are slowly making his space into somewhere he can enjoy and be a proper BIG boy room.

When you are creating a room, it’s not just about the painting and basic decorating you need to think about, but also the “bits and pieces” like accessories that you want to add, to really make the room look good.

Reroom is an amazing source of all sorts of lovely things to make any room you are decorating look perfect and add the finishing touches you want.

My boy is fascinated by space and all things space-related, so my plan for his room is to paint one of his walls very very dark blue use glow in the dark paint to make stars that he will be able to see at night. They also have some fabulous space themed wallpaper that will work beautifully.
We are accessorizing this with some great items that will really finish things off and that he can enjoy playing with too.

Their Earth By Day & Night Globe is a brilliant item that anyone would like in their room or office, I think and it’s great for using as a globe but at night it really comes into its own and lights up. I personally could spend hours staring at it, and the boy LOVES it.


By Day… It might look like an ordinary globe…space theme

But by night you have a mesmerizing globe lit up.

Another perfect touch is a clock, every room needs a clock, and their New Moon clock that glows in the dark is great for telling the time (and for certain small boys to remember that before a certain time in the morning it’s not a good idea to wake your parents up) but it also glows in the dark, too, which makes it a lot of fun and a great fit for a space theme in a room!


What more could a space-loving person want, if not a moon glow in the dark clock?

To add a little fun, to things, we also have a torch, but not just any old torch, it’s a Space Torch to project fun images onto surfaces, in the dark…

space theme

This would actually be a fab gift for anyone who loves space or just as something different, and fun, but as you can see our small boy LOVES it for some pre-bedtime fun and games too!


So, we are well on our way to a fabulous space themed room to make the boy very happy, and in a couple of weeks once I have done my painting handiwork it will be just perfect, with some new shelves and bedding to match too.


ReRoom have a wonderful selection of furniture, accessories, and items that you can choose to suit any room and either make it look like new or add perfect little touches to finish it off, it’s actually overwhelming because there is so much to choose from, and we have been delighted with our little selection, and it was easy to create a space-themed room, and I have already got plans for the other rooms in our house, the husband is a bit worried by this, I shall just send him to play with the space torch, whilst I plan!

Come back in a few weeks and see how we have got on with painting and fully getting the boy’s room totally ready for space-themed adventures…

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