Simple ways to encourage wildlife to your garden…

We are very lucky, that we have a garden, to enjoy, throughout the year. Maintaining it can be hard work, but it’s a lovely space to have and it means we can enjoy spending time outside, and the children can play, and get the benefits of being outside, which we all know are important. 

One of the things we love about having a garden and living where we do, is the wildlife that we see or know are also taking advantage of the space, and sharing it with us, or are we sharing it with them? 

We want to encourage wildlife, particularly those animals whose numbers are declining, and who are being pushed away from their natural habitats, by us humans. There are five very simple and easy ways you can help and encourage wildlife to visit or even make your garden and it’s surrounds their home, or at least a safe space for them. 

We have been very lucky to spot hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, and a number of butterflies, and because we are not fanatic gardeners, and we allow plants that are meant to grow locally to flourish we also get bees and other insects visiting. We have also planted some flowers and plants that will encourage insects, particularly bees, to populate. 

Some of the creatures and wildlife we don’t really get to see, when they visit our garden, because they come when we aren’t around, or at night when we are asleep, but we do like to be able to sit in the garden and enjoy watching nature happen around us. Sloane and Son’s Garden benches make the perfect garden furniture for sitting outside, in the garden, either for eating alfresco, soaking up some sun, relaxing after a days work, or when you have guests over, and you want to take advantage of good weather, or simply to sit and watch what nature sends to also enjoy the space. There is nothing I like more than taking a cup of coffee out to the garden to sit and just breathe for a few minutes, when I can, or sending the children outside to play. Sharing our garden and making it a lovely space for both us and the wildlife that inhabits it, is something we plan to keep doing, it’s for our benefit and theirs, and everybody wins. That can’t be a bad thing, can it?

*this is a collaborative post. Images used with permission*




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