Dear family – I AM IN THE TOILET!!

Dear family. I love you. I am here for you. My life revolves around our family and it’s needs. I do my best for you, and I try to make life work for us all.

Usually I’m available for your needs, or to talk, or to be mum/wife.

But occasionally, just occasionally, I do something that means I am temporarily not available.

I go to the toilet.

I do. I’m human. I need to. It’s a biological function I can’t avoid.

Why is it though, that as soon as I remove myself from your presence into the bathroom to use the loo, that all of a sudden I am needed.

For conversations about homework.

For discussions about screen time limits (usually a protest about them)

For questions about food, and when the next meal will be presented or a complaint about lack of snacks!

To ask for things that can’t be found, which of course MUST be found RIGHT THIS MINUTE whilst I’m on the loo.

To demand entry to the toilet because apparently my nipping to the loo to pee has triggered your own bladder into action and of course your need to pee trumps mine.

Or because you are a cat with social issues that doesn’t like the toilet door being shut in your face and you demonstrate this by hurling yourself at the door hard and loud until the door is opened!

Seriously, people and animals in my family. I AM JUST IN THE TOILET.

Can’t it wait?

This is a tongue in cheek rant, I love my family really and I live to serve and never ever pee!

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