5 ways to calm down a crazy cat…

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Oh, how nice cats can be. You’re curled up on the couch, watching a movie, and they come up and snuggle into you. Life is good! Or, at least, that’s the idea. Sometimes, cats select to take a different path, also known as “the crazy path.” If you’ve got a cat who seems to always be wound up, and who just can’t seem to settle in, you might be wondering if you’re a dog person after all. Fear not, it’s possible that you just need to take steps to chill your cat out. We take a look at a few options below.

sleeping, peaceful looking cat with paws up in the air

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Intense Play Period

A cat can’t be crazy if they haven’t got energy, so take it away from them. You can do this by setting some time aside for an intense play session. Get some cat toys, and play with your furry friend until you can tell they’re beginning to slow down. Cats, especially younger ones, need to exert their energy somehow, and if they’re in the house all the time, then they won’t have many opportunities to do this. Plus, it’s fun to see all the acrobatics your cat can do when they’re chasing a make-believe bird.

Remove the Agitators

When it comes to your cat’s toys, you’re in control. If they’re unable to settle down, then you can simply take the toy away from them after you’ve finished playing. If there are external agitators, however, then your cat might be in a constant state of ‘predator’ mode, which can make curling up on the couch pretty difficult. If you’ve got a lot of birds on your property, for instance, then your cat will be unable to settle down. Look at working with a company that specialises in bird control, and get them away from your property. Your cat will find it easier to calm down if there’s not so many living things to distract them.

Checking All is Well

If your cat has suddenly become a little bit hyped up and you can’t find an explanation, then you’ll be well-served by taking him or her to the vet. There may be something going on under the surface which is causing your feline to out of character.

Calming Scents

You have things you like to do when you’re feeling a bit stressed, such as light incense or meditate. If only you could teach these things to your cat! Alas, it’s not realistic. However, you can give your cat the kitten version of incense by getting a calming cat diffuser. You won’t smell it (cats have a sense of smell fourteen times stronger than ours), but it’ll be diffusing scents that cats find comforting.

A Binder Clip

If you need a quick “my cat needs to calm down” fix, then look at attaching a binder clip to the back of the cat’s neck. It doesn’t hurt them, and mimics the sensation of being carried by their mother. Aw. Plus, it works in around ten seconds – it’s a miracle fix.

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