My mother is a Christmas Elf

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We love all things Christmassy, and it’s that time of year when we like to share about all things Christmas related that we love and think our readers will love to.

I am a bit of a fan of Christmas books for children, and we have a small collection of much loved favourites that we like to pull out every year to read, and we also like adding new books to keep and enjoy.

My Mother is a Christmas Elf by Chantelle Joy Otto, based on her childhood memories of her own mother’s love of Christmas and the things she did to make Christmas special.

Written simply so it’s easy for children to read or be read to, with lovely illustrations, it shares some of the fun things that her mum got up to, in the run up to Christmas Day, that convinced her that her mum was a Christmas Elf, because she clearly loved Christmas so much.

Chantelle says:

A bit about me – I am a Christmas nut, maybe the biggest Christmas fan you’ve ever met. I joined a Forum on over a decade ago and when I was given the chance to take over the site I was so excited. I’ve been working every winter nearly full-time on the site to make it the best, most fun and festive Christmas destination online.

Last year, I decided to self-publish the story of my childhood Christmas Memories – as a gift to my own Christmas-obsessed mother. This book is that gift. I want to share the joy and happiness that Christmas brings to everyone. 

This would make a great addition to your Christmas library to read with your children, or as Christmas gift and read over and over again. The colours and writing style really make it appealing and it’s heartwarming to read and to help you talk to your children about the fun things and family traditions you may have had as a child or that you do with your own family.

You can purchase a copy here

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  1. My mam would always make a Christmas cake (and stil does) and when all the mixture was added, she would ask me and my three siblings to give it a stir, close our eyes and make a wish! We did that every year and if I am around at my parents home when she is making the Christmas cake, she still lets me do it! I also make a Christmas cake for me and my children and I ask them to do the same!

  2. My Mum was the Queen of the Kitchen and would spend the whole day preparing food and entertaining the troops. I’m not sure how she did it but she wouldn’t have it any other way. As for Dad, he really was Father Christmas! I really miss my childhood Christmas’ and try my best to give my daughter the same experiences as those memories are precious to me especially now Dad has passed away x

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