Our week in photos – 5/11/18 – 11/11/18

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With sickness bugs, life throwing curve balls, and trying to keep normal life running smoothly, we managed to skip a weekly update. So this is a bumper one. Sorry not sorry.

First up cats, kids, chaos…

We have had visits to meet St Bernard Puppies and watch Christmas movies (and now the kids want one, somehow I don’t think the cats would like that) and selfies in London, kids getting awards for working hard at school (the tween) and little and bigger boys being very excited about circuit making kits arriving for them to play with. The tween started wearing contact lenses this week, and is very pleased with herself, learning to put them in and take them out, making me feel very old, because I was her age when I got mine. We have also had some chill out time, because unfortunately the stomach bug has struck our house, and little boys joining Cubs and taking part in Remembrance Sunday with his pack and being very proud of that. Plus the usual grumpy cats added to the mix.

We have also had a lot of fun, well the grown ups did, on a date night, to celebrate being together, for 19 years, the first we have had in a long time, up in London, enjoying Dim Sum (and to my delight vegetarian dim sum and dumplings are just as good as meat based ones) and I am also considering going vegan for a month for Veganuary, but haven’t decided fully yet, because, well, cheese.

I was delighted to receive this beautiful handmade Christmas decoration this week, from Craft Ally Creations which is now decorating my desk at work, being admired by everyone.

We have also had skin care chats between the tween and I and this spot treatment cream really does work, helpful for those hormonal skin break outs, happening around here a lot, for various reasons!

These mince pies from Tesco are gluten free, and dairy free, and vegetarian, and are really quite good. The husband loves this time of year for trying out all the Christmas goodies on offer, and I can’t say I mind it too much either.

If you are looking for a fun giveaway then we have one running on our Facebook page, to win a game to see how well you and your other half know each other.

And I have been dealing with the usual parenting chaos, toilet rolls not being changed, trying to find five minutes peace but never being alone (I don’t mind really)

So that was our week, or weeks. Normal service will hopefully resume shortly when I am over this nasty stomach bug. Peppermint tea anyone?

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