Let me say something about Grey’s Anatomy…

*this does contain Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers. If you haven’t watched passed series 11 and are not aware of which characters have been killed off, please either don’t read this, or read it but then don’t blame me that you know what you didn’t know before. Alhtough, if you didn’t know, DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK??*

First let me start off by saying that I freaking hate it when popular TV series kill of characters or introduce plot twists that change the whole way a series feels and runs.
I have never recovered, from when Mark Green died in ER. I remember the episode clearly. I also remember my husband coming down the stairs to find me sobbing in the dark, and when he asked what was wrong, I howled at him “Mark is dead”, he of course was horribly alarmed (becasue we did actually have at the time, two friends called Mark) and came to me and wanted to know what was going on. He was less than amused to discover I was sobbing about the death of a fictional screen character. Much eye rolling and very little sympathy were the response to “Mark Green IS ER, he CANNOT have died”.

Sobs… How could they kill him off?

Also, I am not sure I have forgiven the people who decided to kill of Matthew in Downton Abbey. I mean, seriously? Why?? Everyone was just happy, all was good. Ruined, I tell you. Took me months to get over that one.

Such a nice chap, what possessed them to send him to his death??

So, it will come as no surprise that I was suitably devastated when Grey’s Anatomy decided to kill of George (first spoiler here, if you haven’t watched it that far, you may as well stop reading now) I LOVED GEORGE (not as much as love my husband of course) and he was a main character. He was relatable, nerdy, he had potential to be an amazing doctor, he would have, once he worked out who he wanted to be with, been an amazing partner and father, and he was generally an oll round nice chap (Downton Abbey speak there, I am British after all) and I refused to watch the series after he died, for the longest time, in a sort of protest.

Then other characters are killed off. I did cry when Mark Sloane died (sorry, spoiler number two there) and after the death of Lexie Grey too which was sad.

Spoiler number three alert…

Then of course comes the biggest ball droper of all, they KILL OFF MCDREAMY!!

Yup, the love of Meredith’s life, who rescues her, who makes her whole, who has amazing hair, and who can cure almost any kind of brain disease whilst holding a coffee and gazing soulfully at someone, is killed off.

I gave up watching Grey’s in protest. In fact I haven’t watched the series after he was killed, because I am not sure my emotions can take the mourning and loss. Derek and Mer were Grey’s Anatomy. The whole series starts based on them hooking up, then not being able to work out if they want to be togehter or not, much drama, life crisis, near death experiences, babies, more traegey, but they were togheter. It gave us all hope that love conquers all, eventually, sort of, once they’ve worked out who they don’t want to be with. (I still think Fin the Vet deserved better!)

But I recently started back watching, and now he’s gone, and I’m caught up to the end of series 14, I’m going to say this.

I quite like what they’ve done, and I think I prefer post Derek, Meredith. I know that’s awful, right? He was lovely and all, and he was the father of her kids, but I kind of feel like the whole show isn’t revolving around an unatainable love story and there’s focus beyond his hair or them figuring out how to balance their lives together.

I never thought I would say that. I can hear you all being horrified.

He was the love of her life but they’ve taken his death and shown what a strong capable woman she is. They haven’t found her another person to prop her up. I like that. The show has improved. Maybe Meredith will find true love again, maybe she won’t. She’s a woman with high standards and someone would have to live up to a lot to meet them. I do feel sad for her that she’s alone but I also feel kind of proud that she pulled life back together (yup, I’m proud of a tv character, I need to get a life, I know!)

So for once, I think it’s a good thing that a show series killed a main and viral character off. I like what I’m watching again. I’m waiting impatiently for Amazon Prime to make  series 15 watchable so I can see what happens next.

But George? Nope, not over that. I don’t think I can forgive them for that…

Alas poor George…

*this is a tongue in cheek post. I am aware that characters are often killed off because the actors want to be released to move on, or the show is taking a new direction, roll with me, play along*

Are you pro a Derek less Grey’s or like me think it’s better? Are you over George yet?

Tell me someone else cried for Mark Green and not just me. Help me convince my husband I’m not totally crazy!

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