Don’t forget your pets this Christmas. Treats just for them

Don’t forget your pets this Christmas and treat them to something they will enjoy. With all the Christmas fuss and fun, and long lists of things to do, people to plan gifts for, food to be prepared, and fun to be had, it’s easy for our pets to get put to the bottom of the list. We like to treat our cats to the things they like on Christmas Day, that is safe for them to enjoy. One of our cats is partial to some tuna, from the tin, and the other likes catnip flavoured chocolate. We like to spoil them a bit, just as much as we love to make a fuss of our human friends and family.

Why not cook up a little something for your pets, for Christmas?

Don't forget your pets this ChristmasGifts for pets: Or if you don’t feel like cooking, you could pick up some gifts that your pet will appreciate. (Layla is not so sure about the grooming kit, she isn’t keen on being groomed, but some kitties love it, so don’t take her word for it!)

Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

So Don’t forget your pets this Christmas. Are you treating your pet to something special for Christmas this year? What do they like? We’d love to hear?

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  1. I’ve made my cats some handmade catnip toys! I’ll be sharing them soon lol.
    They also get treats and usually get another toy or two from family!

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