Project 365 – a photo a day, a daily snippet from from our life…

Welcome back to our daily snippet of life, random observations from our day, and a photo that means something. We skipped the end of the year and start of 2019 due to the blog being revamped and tidied up. but now we are back.

We are back into normal routine this week, and it feels good. Despite experience and my own knowledge that our small son needs a good routine, even if we are on holiday, we haven’t been that good about keeping to a routine that works for him, and we have all suffered a bit. To be honest, I like routine, it helps me manage my anxiety and it helps him too, so I am giving myself a bit of a slap (not literally) and reminding myself that we do need to have a routine, even if it’s a bit more relaxed, in order for us to thrive in the holidays. We are all feeling much better and calmer now we are back to normal.

Anyone else feel this way? I used to feel resentful that other families could spend all day doing nothing and relaxing, when I had to stick to a routine, but now I know that what works for us is more important than worrying about what other people do, and we stick to that.

This is a photo from our trip to France. The husband and small boy were delighted to find that we could buy Brussel sprouts in the local supermarket. It’s kind of a Christmas necessity, in our family. They and I love them, the tween thinks they are from the devil and refuses to eat them.

I steamed them, then roasted them with garlic and salt, and they were all eaten up.

Are you a fan or not? How do you cook them?

That was our rather random daily snippet, how is your day going?

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