Gluten & dairy-free chocolate peanut butter cups.

Welcome to Tween Take Over Tuesday. This week I am sharing a recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups., that I helped my mum with. I love cooking and helping in the kitchen…

We all love chocolate peanut butter cups in this house, but my mum wanted to make some for us at home, that didn’t have milk in them so my dad could enjoy them too. My mum is doing veganuary and not eating dairy products as part of that so this recipe is a nice treat for her too.

My mum is was sent some very yummy nut butter from Indigo Herbs and we decided to try out some nut butter cups with the raw almond butter. The combination of good dark chocolate with the almond butter seemed like a good idea. Nut butter is a great source of protein and combined with chocolate, they make a great sweet treat but as long as you don’t eat too many, they are a good alternative to buying something when you want something nice.

This is such an easy recipe and although my Mum says she helped, she didn’t really, I did all the work and she just took photos and kept trying to lick chocolate and nut butter off the spoon!

Chocolate peanut butter cups.

For our peanut butter chocolate cups you will need:

300g of good dark chocolate, we use a low sugar kind. These do not need to be too sweet.

Nut butter

Small cupcake cases

We used our own silicone cupcake cases but you can use paper cases if you get the kind that is nonstick.

Chocolate peanut butter cups.

To make them:

Melt the chocolate, either in the microwave or in a bowl over a pan of water.

Stir the chocolate once it has melted and using a spoon, dollop (as my tween says) a layer of chocolate in the bottom of the cupcake case.

Then using a teaspoon, add a layer of nut butter. Let it sink a little into the chocolate and then add another layer of chocolate on top.

Chocolate peanut butter cups.

Tap the cupcake case lightly to ensure the top is smooth. Once you have filled all your cases pop them on a tray and place them in the fridge for 45 minutes.

You will then have your own, homemade, delicious chocolate nut butter cups.

The only problem you will have is not eating them all at once…

Chocolate peanut butter cups.

You can also try our homemade protein balls too if you want another sweet but healthier snack idea.

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