Tween Takeover Tuesday – S.W.A.K Key rings

*this is a review post, we were kindly sent an item to review and share about*

Welcome to Tween Takeover Tuesday, the day in the week when the tween takes over the blog and social media. Mum should be scared…

Hi there. Emily here. I have banished my mum and taken over, as usual, because it’s Tuesday.

A little bit about me:

I am twelve, and at secondary school and I like trying new stuff, and spending my monthly allowance on little treats and things I like.

This week, I am sharing a bit about some key rings that are PERFECT for Valentine’s Day (although I think actual people kissing is a bit gross, my parents still do that, I am sure they do it JUST to annoy me!)

These S.W.A.K key rings are brilliant. They come with a cute little sticker and a postcard, and when you turn them on, and pressed them against your skin they make a kiss sound and play some music. They come in lots of pretty colours and styles, and you can have loads of fun with each one, making your friends laugh, pretending to kiss them.

Each S.W.A.K. kissable keychain comes with one keychain with a unique MWAH sound, a postcard, and sticker.

Each S.W.A.K. comes with KissTech, a unique sensor technology that detects contact with your skin. The longer you hold it against your cheek, the longer the kiss lasts!

The keychain makes it easy to bring your S.W.A.K. wherever you go! Hang them from your bag, hang them from your sweater, they’re the perfect add-on to any look.

With a slot located at the top, your S.W.A.K. is also a fun way to display your favorite photos or cards.

These would make a fun present for someone, and are great to collect. My mum tried to steal the unicorn sparkle one off me, but that’s my current favourite so I won’t let her have it.

They are really clever and work really well, and also have a battery save function so you don’t run out of battery JUST when you want to surprise someone with a kiss.

I also like that you can slot your favourite photo of someone in them, to carry around with you. I am going to get my mum to print off a picture of my cat Jasper to put in one, because I love him, but he isn’t keen on being kissed, so this way I can pretend to give him kisses.

You can see one in action here…

I think these are really cool, and I want to collect them all, and they are something cute I would give to my friends to enjoy and have fun with too.

Why not have a look at their site and see which one you would like to collect. My mum says they are just about right for my allowance budget too, which is great, and means I can definitely get them all!

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