Kitty care packages from SnootyCatz

*this is a review post. We were kindly sent some items to share about*

Tbis blog is partly named after our cats, so of course they do feature every now and then. Layla is the name behind the blog and was here before we had the children, so she naturally likes to get a paw in here and there and share her thoughts (ie she makes it clear what she likes and doesn’t and I share all about it) The team at SnootyCatz very kindly sent her a goody box to perk her up.

She’s been a little unwell lately and lost a little bit of weight, and her vet has asked us to make sure she is getting some extra care, to see if we can get her to gain some weight, and make sure she is eating well. She is a pretty pampered puss to be honest, and at age 13 she deserves a bit of spoiling. If you read her story, she wasn’t really supposed to even make it out of kittenhood, so she’s very special to us.

A little bit about them:

Contemporary Health and Gift Boutique for Humans & Pets where you can expect the unexpected!

Snooty Catz might not be purrfect (as we are not actually a cat!) but we try our utmost to offer top brands at great prices. We are passionate about the environment and this reflects in our ever growing range of cruelty-free, plastic free, natural, vegan, made in Britain and fair trade products.

Our carbon footprint is important to us; we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and try to make the world a greener place to live. We recycle all packaging materials from our suppliers & only buy biodegradable packaging.

Our passion for the environment is also reflected in our Sheffield Boutique where we have upcycled furniture from various charities to display our wonderful products. We especially love our 1950’s court cupboard that’s chock-full with vegan hair and skin products.

We’ve also teamed up with Paws on the Door to let all pet parents know their pets are welcome too!

It’s our greatest wish to inspire you to a healthier happier life!

They have a whole range of goodies for cats and humans and to be honest, it is hard to choose what you want from their site becayse there is so much to choose from.

Layla was sent some items that they thought might perk her up and be good for her. She was mostly impressed with the toy and the treats but she did pose for a photo for me.

Although I am pretty sure she was thinking “seriously human, just open these, I am not paid enough to sit around whilst you take photos”

They very kindly sent us some vitamin treats, some health supplement powder, a cute toy mouse, and Layla’s most favourite thing, hair ball paste.

Some very handy and fun items to help keep Layla in top form. Their customer service team is lovely and it’s a lot of fun shopping with them. They have lots of things for us humans too, and not just for cats and dogs. It’s a great site if you are looking for things for your pets, or a pet lover.

Layla thinks it’s pawsome, and we do too. Why not pop and have a look for yourself?


We shared a little video to show you what was in our box. Layla got so excited about the furball paste I had to banish her to be able to see what was in the box!

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Blog post in our profile sharing more about what was in the box.

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