Preparing for a better night’s sleep with Benenox

*This is a review post. We were kindly sent some Benenox to try. All opinions are my own*

Sleep is a topic I talk about it a lot, and Benenox have asked me to share about preparing for a better night. We all need to sleep.  We all need different amounts, depending on where we are at in life, and I am pretty sure most of us don’t feel like we get enough. I know I certainly don’t feel like I get as much sleep as I need, and if you have read our blog, you will know that sleep is something I have written about before, as we have had some issues as a family.

Preparing for bed, and to go to sleep, is important. Gone are the days when I brushed my teeth, fell into bed, and went to sleep. As a busy working mum and wife, I often find it hard to get to bed at a sensible time, and I need to wind down, and get myself “ready” for bed.

We all know there are some good “sleep hygiene” things we should do to make sure we are in a good place to get sleep but do we actually do them. They aren’t complicated, but sometimes we can either forget or get lazy about doing them.

For me, it’s five simple things

  1. Making sure bedtime is calm and not rushed. I often find myself doing lots of stuff, then end up falling into bed, without really taking time to get ready.
  2. No screen time. We all know this, but most of us, I suspect are rubbish at actually putting our phones, laptops and devices down, and letting our brains unwind. We try to practice “no phones in the bedroom” and it does help to make bedtime and going to sleep easier. Experts all agree that the blue light from screens before sleep isn’t good for us.
  3. Physical self care. A bath, or shower, making sure my skin feels good, and that my room is tidy, cool and “sleep ready” with as little as possible to keep me awake or disturb us. This includes televisions, noisy clocks and things that give off light at night.
  4. Using aromatherapy oils or sprays to make the room smell nice, and relaxing, and help me relax, and feel calmer. A pillow sleep spray is an easy thing to use to help create a calmer and more sleep inducing atmosphere.
  5. Taking a supplement like Benenox Overnight Recharge  – While you sleep you may think your body is resting, but in fact your brain is very active and requires a constant supply of energy during the night. Benenox Overnight Recharge, when taken before bed, supplements your body’s stored energy levels to support good quality sleep. Benenox replenishes glycogenYour brain needs glycogen to carry out essential overnight repairs! From the time you finish dinner to the time you go to bed, your body consumes 10 grams of glycogen per hour. This doesn’t stop when you go to sleep. By the morning, you glycogen stores are running on empty!

It tastes delicious and can be easily incorporated into your bedtime routine, either taking a spoonful before you get into  bed, or adding it to warm water for a soothing bedtime drink. I like it both ways, the husband prefers to take his in single shot form. We both find it helpful to recharge us overnight to face life the next day.


Getting a good night’s sleep and feeling rested helps everyone to function better. We can’t survive without sleep, as humans. I know we all go through periods where sleep can be lacking (ahem, during certain parts of parenthood, for example) but making going to sleep and preparing to get a good night’s sleep really can help.

If you have some good sleep tips and getting ready for sleep tips, we would love to hear them?

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