What makes a Dad?

So anyone can be a father. It’s a quick biological act, that results in a baby. That bit, is usually easy. You don’t have to be blood related to someone to be a Dad, either. But makes a Dad?


For me, a Dad is the person who loves, and encourages you, who doesn’t judge your life choices, or put their own dreams on you, but allows you to grow and find your own dreams and cheers you on when you achieve them, or picks you up when you fall. A dad loves, advises, supports, sometimes tells you off when you need it or brings you back to reality, calms you down, helps you with your worries. A dad is there for you, when you need them. A dad who rescues you when need it, but also lets you learn from your mistakes. A Dad listens, and whilst he may want to laugh, when he hears some of the things you come out with, he will try not to. A Dad is someone you can trust. They put a lot into your life, they make sacrifices, to give you the best they can,  to help you grow and learn, but then step back to let you go, when it’s your time to go it alone. Dad’s love, because they just do. Anyone can be a father, but not everyone can be a Dad. There are many Dad’s out there. Some great dad’s, some not so great, some not there at all. I am very fortunate to have two men in my life who are great Dad’s. My own father and the Husband, who  even though the tween claims he’s too strict about screen time, is a brilliant, hands on Dad to both my children and we appreciate him very much.

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads in our life. We are glad to have you.

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