Protecting your children from social media

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Something my parents didn’t have to think about when I was growing up was social media. There were other things they had to worry about but protecting your children from social media wasn’t one of them.

Things have changed and children have now become more tech-savvy. Social media helps us connect with family and friends through the sharing of experiences. However, when children are allowed to use social media platforms, it exposes them to dangers such as cyberbullying. Every parent should, therefore, take precautions to ensure the kids are safe on social media.

It is hard to control how children use social media because most parents lack knowledge. Even the cool parents do not get to know of every social network that comes up. As such, children always tend to be more informed when it comes to technology. However, instilling the right principles and virtues in kids enables them to use social media responsibly. Here are some tips on how to protect children on social media.

protecting your children from social media
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Conduct thorough research

The best way to remain knowledgeable about the different social media platforms and how they work is through research. Ensure that you research the different types of social media networks and even try creating a profile on them. By creating a profile, you get to know what is required to have an account as well as what information your kids may be sharing with the world.

Talk to the kids

Make friends with your children so that you can freely talk to them about the dangers of oversharing personal information online. Also, make sure to caution them about disclosing their locations on social media. Also, teach your children about the dangers of sharing photos online. Insist to your children that you’re only doing that because you want them to be safe as they make their online presence. Most importantly, make the children know that they can trust you enough to share whenever they have problems relating to their online friends.

Set an age limit

Don’t make children feel as though they will never use social media because they will do it without your knowledge or consent. Let them know that you’re only limiting them until the age where they can take care of themselves by discerning what to share and what to keep to themselves. Under-age social media use is a real problem.

Create time for social media

Have a specific time or specific days during the week when your child can access social media. You can even make it fun by being part of the exercise so that you show them how to handle different situations. However, don’t make the kids feel as though you want to intrude their privacy. Trust them to make responsible choices but also make sure to follow on their online activities.

Use real-life examples

Kids learn better through examples. Make sure that you retrieve NEWS on how kids get bullied online. Read articles together on the dangers of using online presence irresponsibly. Also, make sure to explain to children that the glamorous life most people share on social media is not a reflection of their daily lives. That way, you will protect your child from social media addiction and the need to share about their personal life. You can do this through the help of experts, which can be found at


Social media has many benefits but can also be dangerous for children. I often think that parents are naive about what their children are doing or what they can access social media and what they are being exposed to. We, as parents need to be just as savvy if not more so than our kids, to protect them and help them negotiate using it safely. If you aren’t protecting your children from social media then who is?

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