Project 365. A photo a day. Raisins, a phobia?

Project 365, a photo a day, every day of the year. 

Raisins. The bane of my life. I loathe them. I serve them to kids at work. I hate their texture, their taste, how sticky they get when squashed, usually into a carpet or floor, and they make me feel slightly squeamish. 

I can just about tolerate them in cake. Certainly not in savoury foods.
The only good raisin is the one that is not made into a  raisin and is found fermented and in a wine glass…

Do you have a food phobia?

Is there a name for a phobia of raisins? I may have to go Google…

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  1. I’m not keen on raisins either! I have a few in my breakfast, but can’t eat them in a cake or on their own.
    My nearest thing to a food phobia would be bananas. If you shoved on towards me, I would run!

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