Keeping the kids busy with Lucky Gecko boxes

We have found using Lucky Gecko boxes a useful weapon against boredom, frustration, and parental despair. There are days in the summer break when you may not be out and about or the weather is vile (ahem, we live in the UK, it’s currently raining hard as I write this) so keeping the kiddos occupied is a sanity-saving must for everyone. The summer holidays are great, a break from school, normal routine, and time to relax, but after a few days, the novelty starts to wear off and you start to think about keeping the kids busy. When you can, you want to get them out and about, or doing fun activities that keep them out of mischief and preventing wails of “I’m bored”.

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Lucky Gecko Discoveries want to get children connecting the dots between what they learn at school and the world around them. Knowledge doesn’t (and shouldn’t) break down into simple, separate chunks that we can choose to like or not, be good at or not. Geography is History, History is Literature, Music is Maths and Sport is Science. Everything connects, and finding those connections is both inspiring and empowering.

Our boxes will teach children about the world, about themselves and about others. But they will also give them the confidence to be curious, to dream, and to think for themselves.

Lucky Gecko Discovery Boxes and mini-packs are designed for children aged roughly 8 – 12. They cater to different ability levels, interests, and learning styles. We want to challenge each child to try something new and to embrace their own unique set of abilities. We hope to arm them with confidence and self-belief so that they can face any challenge which comes their way.

We have used a few of their boxes, which are great as a holiday resource, and also for ongoing learning. They are carefully thought out and planned and provide a variety of things for kids to do whilst learning and exploring. I have found them handy as a home school parent this year, to add to our resource list, and their Ornithology box was brilliant when we were looking at birds and habitats recently. We have taken the boxes away with us, too, on holiday, because they are compact enough to be packed and some of their activities are great for in the car or whilst traveling. The combine areas like STEM, Maths, and all sorts of challenges to keep busy minds occupied or make boring minds busy.

Their Summer Holiday Bumper Pack pack is fantastic, with lots of activities in it and again it’s a great pack to have at home to pull out when boredom strikes or for when you want to give the kids something fun to do.

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Beat the “Summer Slump” with this box, designed to keep your child entertained, engaged and curious throughout the long summer break from school. Containing 31 days’ worth of fun activities, challenges and projects, this pack is guaranteed to keep kids’ brains active and banish the inevitable August boredom complaints. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your child will be learning whilst having fun.

Absolutely jam-packed with STEM challenges, general knowledge activities, creative writing tasks and logic puzzles, there really is something for everyone. 

We created this box to help avoid the much-publicised ‘Summer Slump’, which can see students lose at least a month’s worth of learning over the summer break. By completing the daily challenges in this box, you can ensure that your child is keeping their brain active and engaged so that they can ‘hit the ground running’ when they return in September.  

Contains 40-page activity booklet; parent pack email; hand-picked reading book; 3D puzzle game; HexBug robot; tangram puzzle; and all the materials required for the STEM challenges.

Well worth getting your hands on to keep your kids busy. They get the thumbs up from Cats, Kids, Chaos…

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  1. We get to bookbug or the library on rainy days. Painting and crafting outside on sunny days is always fun

  2. I try to raid the recycling and a few crafty bits and give him free rein. Lots of time outdoors and researching as many local free activities as possible. Make sure I have passes to a few places too and the summer flies by.

  3. My son loves going to the park so we explore different parks, days out to London to see the sights and Jump In or cinema when it is raining

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