Greener items I take away on holiday.

*This is a not a sponsored post, although some of the brands mentioned I have worked with before and continue to use*

I will cheerfully admit that we are not that good at being green about going on holiday. We would like to work on that. We do try to reduce waste, and use less plastic, and use products and brands that have a better green impact.

Our holidays have tended to be drive ourselves to our destination type times, simply because we think and find flying expensive and a hassle. We currently love France and our main family holiday for the past few years has been to parts of France we have come to know and love.

My tween is at the stage of packing what seems like the entire contents of her room to go away for two weeks, and my small son doesn’t care if he has enough underpants, as long as his beloved stuff Tiger toy comes with him, and as much Lego as his mother will allow him to pack.

I tend to try and pack light, and take minimal stuff but I do have a few things I always take with me, and this year I am trying to be greener in my skincare and also multipurpose if I can to save space.

These are a few skincare favourites that I like that are a bit greener, or local businesses I want to support, cruelty free, made with less harsh ingredients, or all of these things.

Lush Wash Cards:

These are a recent find. Small, thin, no packaging, and can be broken up to be used over a couple of days. Easy to pack due to their size too and they make your case or bag smell amazing, which is always an added bonus.

Angela Langford Rest & Regenerate Night Balm:

I reviewed Angela Langford Skincare a while ago on the blog and since then have been a fan of her skincare. Her Rest & Regenerate night balm is perfect for skin that has seen a bit of sun or seawater on holiday, and soothing. A little goes a long way, and it makes your skin feel soft and much less dry when you wake up. It smells divine too, and I even have been dabbing some on dry spots on my hands overnight too.

Awesome Natural Skincare Lip Balm Tints:

This is a local to me brand, that I am happy to continue to support, and her lip balms are kind to skin, made with natural ingredients, cruelty free and handy for when you need a hint of colour. I am very excited that they are in totally eco friendly tubes, and available to buy, and already have my eye on getting a few, to replace my current ones as they run out.


Zinc Based Sun Block:

I have mentioned this zinc based sun protection in previous posts but as I have been able to persuade my uber fussy tween to try it on her delicate and burns easily nose, and got a positive response to it being used, I will share again about it.

Practical items:

On a practical note. I loathe plastic water bottles and hate using them, or buying them. I recently bought myself a new water bottle from Wilko, for £5, a metal one.  I wasn’t expecting it to be up to much, for that price, but it kept my drinking water perfectly cool for the whole of our car journey on holiday and washes easily. So I have ordered two more for the kids to replace their plastic reusable water bottles that are finally about to die a death for regular use. I will probably try and repurpose them or recycle them, but I definitely recommend these bottles, on Wilko’s website.


Just little things that make a tiny greener holiday difference.

And linking up with Rosie for her monthly link up too…

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  1. I just take the toiletries out the bathroom when I travel as I usually fly long haul, then when empty recycle appropriately in the country I’m in visiting. I always pack my travel mug, water bottle, a tupper ware box so I can take snacks out with me and a cloth shopping bag #goinggreen

  2. Simon bought a couple of those bottles from Wilko when he was last in the UK and we love them. I’ve noticed more and more guests in our gite are now bringing their own reusable water bottles which is encouraging although I might still add a couple for people to use whilst here (I should have got Simon to buy more of the Wilko ones). Lovely to hear you were able to green up your holiday and by not flying you have significantly reduced your holiday carbon footprint. Thank you for linking up with #GoingGreen , I always enjoy reading your very down to earth and realistic approach to eco-issues.

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