What has a tween got to do to get a lie in round here…

Today you have the pleasure of the Tween, in all her sarcastic and grumpy tween glory, having a moan about lack of lie ins in our house. Given that I can’t remember the last time I myself had a proper lie in, in fact I think it was sometime before SHE  was born, probably, I am not exactly sympathetic, but I do like her style. Read on. 

Do your parents ever complain that you never let them sleep in? Well, mine do exactly that. They tell us that we never let them sleep in but actually they never let us sleep in – therefore they do not deserve a sleep in themselves. An example of this occurred just this morning. I went downstairs this morning to get a drink, to find that my parents – who claim to never get a sleep in – were up before my brother and I!!! Once I had my drink – I announced that I was going back to bed for an hour. 20 minutes later my mother shouts up the stairs that she has eaten all the breakfast cereal. I groan, as my little brother storms downstairs in rage to find that she was lying all along. This is a clear example of parents not letting you sleep in. What do you have to do in this house to get a sleep in????????

 This is my newly created plan that I devised after I was not given a sleep in for the 1000th time.  Here it is…

Sleeping in Form:

This is a form that you will need to fill in if you desire a sleep in. It must be completed at least 24 hours ahead of when you would like to sleep in. Once completed hand to Emily and she will update the sleeping in rota.


I ________________________________________     ( full name )


Age ___________


Would like to sleep in on _______________     _________     _______________

                                                        (day)                       (date)                  (month)


Until ______:______    




Signed: ___________________



The Rule of Sleeping in:

The person sleeping in must be undisturbed unless emergency circumstances occur.


If you are disturbed during your sleep in – see Emily and she will enforce the appropriate consequences.

The form to be signed to confirm the Rule of Sleeping In:


The person sleeping in must be undisturbed unless emergency circumstances occur.


I ________________________________________     ( full name )


Age ___________


Accept                      /              Do Not accept                   This rule  


The Consequences:

 If you disturb someone once you will have to get up at 06:30 the next morning to make – the person you disturbed – breakfast in bed.

If you disturb someone twice you will have to be on bathroom cleaning duty for 24 hours

If you disturb someone 3 times you will have to be on kitty litter poop scooper duty for 24 hours If you disturb someone 4 times you will have to be the person who you disturbed maid/servant for 48 hours.

If you disturb someone more than 4 times you will be banned from having a sleep in for 1 month. If you keep waking someone up you will never be allowed to sleep in again.  

Emergency Circumstances:

 You may disturb the person sleeping in if:

 The house is on fire

Someone has died

The house has fallen down

The world has exploded

You are critically sick or injured 

If you are unsure whether your circumstance is an emergency – check with Emily before disturbing anyone. If Emily is sleeping in – GO BACK TO BED!!!

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    • Some people prefer to get up super early to get stuff done as they find it easier to concentrate in the morning. My brother does this on a regular basis and it annoys me a lot! I have never understood the people who like to get up early as I love my sleep. If I became prime – minister I would have a law put in place that no none is allowed to get up before 10:00 am. Emily x

    • My brother loves to get up early to either finish some schoolwork or play with his lego. I have never understood why he chooses to gets up at the crack of dawn. My parents complain that i get up to early on a normal day but the only reason i get up at 06:30 is because if i didn’t I would be late for school!

      While we’ve been on holiday i’ve been trying to sleep in as long as i can – however – my brother and i have to share a room therefore – this sleeping in idea doesnt usually work so well. this past two weeks ive mostly been waking up to my brother unhelpfully turnuing on the brightest lihgt or crashing around in the dark, trying to get dressed.

  1. Love this post. And, I’m more than happy to let my Tween grandsons have a lie in when they stay over as it means they’re not getting me up earlier asking for pancakes for breakfast 🙂

  2. I would love it if my children had a lie-in. They are usually up between 6 and 6:30, weekday or weekend, school time or holidays. I don’t think I’ve ever had to wake them up.

  3. Oh no, this is Hilarious haha… My kids wake up too early, I should let them know about this and start an agreement haha

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