Simple eco friendly changes to your beauty routine.

Going green and using greener items around your home, to be eco-friendly as part of your lifestyle, is not a sweeping process, or at least it isn’t for most of us. Whilst some changes can be simple and relatively inexpensive, like walking to work instead of driving, for example, or not buying lunch in a plastic container and taking your own instead, swapping out items to make lifestyle changes often needs to be gradual to meet your budget and work into your life. I would love to get rid of all of our plastic lunchboxes and go with fancy metal ones, for example, but our current set of plastic lunchboxes work perfectly fine, and if I threw them away they would then be sitting in a pile of plastic somewhere adding to the plastic that’s already cluttering up our world. So, I will use them until they break and then try and either recycle them, or find a way to dispose of them in a less harmful way, and I will slowly by less plastic lunch containers as and when.

But there are simple swaps you can make, that can slot into your life, as you go, in terms of replacing items.

Teeth brushing and toothbrushes

For me, toothbrushes have been a gradual swap over, from plastic to sustainable.

Plastic toothbrushes do NOT biodegrade or decompose in an eco-friendly manner and there are uncountable numbers of plastic toothbrushes sitting in landfills, that won’t break down. This bothers me greatly, and toothbrushes are not something we can do without, so finding a greener, kinder to the earth solution, is important.

Blue Rock Living makes bamboo toothbrushes for families and individuals and you can sign up for their monthly subscription. MADHOUSE15 – with this code, they can get 15% off any of our 4-packs and/or 15% off the first delivery of their monthly subscription.

BlueRock toothbrush heads are loaded with medium-soft bristles and cut into a wavy shape to maximize cleaning. The handles are shaped and polished to produce the sleek design giving them a comfortable grip.

Our toothbrushes were designed with families in mind, so our bristles come in a variety of colours and patterns to help know whose is whose. These funky fresh brushes are a guaranteed showstopper.

Bamboo Handles

BlueRock toothbrush handles are made from Mao Bamboo, the world’s fastest-growing plant. It’s an amazing sustainable resource and is panda-friendly. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, which is super handy for a toothbrush, don’t you think?

Our bamboo handles are completely biodegradable and are suitable for home composting. BlueRock bamboo is FSC-certified and cultivated on the slopes of Zhejiang, China.

Our Bristles

The bristles are made from Nylon-6, which is a recyclable plastic. Our bristles are from DuPont®, ensuring high material purity so it can be recycled into another product.

The bristles are machine punched into the handles so we do not need to use glues or other harmful adhesives. After use, the bristles can be pulled out with pliers and recycled.

BlueRock toothbrushes come in an especially designed low-waste postal box. Your toothbrushes are stored, packaged and posted all in just one fantastic box. The postal box is PEFC-certified and completely plastic-free.

We are currently using their adult toothbrushes and kids’ ones. They work well, and are just like a “normal” toothbrush, but without the plastic. The bristles are firm and feel like a normal plastic toothbrush, and they do the job of keeping your teeth clean, but you know that when you throw them away, or replace them, they are at least not going to be sat in a landfill for years and years. This has to be a good thing.

Face cleansing with reusable pads

The tween and I use cotton pads to remove our make up and cleanse our skin. You can buy organic and more responsibly sourced cotton wool pads but we prefer to use washable pads, which we can simply wash and reuse. We have tried a couple of brands and between us are quite fussy about what works on our faces.
We have found these really soft pads from EcoPanda

are perfect for being gentle on teenage skin, but also great for using with cleansers to get makeup and general dirt off, as well as being great for using to remove eye make up. They wash well, and come with their own little bag which is useful for storing them when you are traveling, or for washing them, so they don’t get lost in the laundry. We simply toss them in the bag and pop them in the laundry with our usual whites wash. They dry fast and stay soft.

PADS WITH EXTRAS: 18 pieces of white Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads (3.15”) and one practical Laundry Bag are your environmentally friendly alternative to cotton wool pads. The set contains a nice looking Bamboo Storage Jar and E-BOOK with extensive tips on skincare.

 REUSABLE & WASHABLE: You can wash your long-lasting reusable cleansing pads up to 60 degrees before reusing them, which allows for financial savings as well as reduced waste.

 SUSTAINABLE: – EcoPanda reusable makeup remover pads protect the skin and the planet. As bamboo is not only biodegradable but grows up to a meter a day, it is the perfect eco-material.

 HIGH QUALITY & HYPOALLERGENIC: Our reusable bamboo makeup pads are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, for the absence of any harmful substances. To guarantee that textile products are not harmful to human health. Our double layer, reusable makeup remover cloth is made from 100% organic bamboo cotton.

GREAT FOR HOME & TRAVEL: Our cleansing face pads come with a 100% cotton laundry bag with a double drawstring, which can be a great fit in your luggage. EcoPanda bamboo cleansing face cloth comes with an additional bamboo storage jar.

These two swaps have been easy to make and work well for us. Cost-wise it isn’t a huge adjustment, and it means there is a little less waste going out of our house. It all helps, doesn’t it?

What simple eco swaps have you made? We would love to hear some ideas. 



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  1. I’m with you on using what you already have until it breaks or is no longer fit for purpose. I keep meaning to switch to bamboo toothbrushes, but somewhere along the line I seem to have bought a job lot of plastic ones that are taking a while to use up.

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