Keeping life organised. What works for me.

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As a working mum, who runs two businesses, and has to manage home life, with busy children, keeping life organised is my number one priority. Between work, social and personal life there is a lot to manage. I have a few tips and tricks as well as some things I use to try and keep me on top of everything and juggle it all.

keeping life organised

I juggle multiple “plates” which have to keep spinning in the air, between work, blogging, my children (who have far better social lives than their tired parents) our personal life, home life, and things for me. It’s a lot to manage, and sadly I can’t afford Mary Poppins to come and run my life for me, or pay a PA. One day, maybe. For now, I have to keep track and keep on top of things, myself. I am in no means perfect, and frankly there are days when I wonder where my head has gone, and because I have short term memory issues, sometimes other people do help me a lot, but I do try to manage without asking for help, although I think asking for help is not a bad thing, either.

Things I do to keep on top of life.

Write EVERYTHING DOWN. When I have an idea, or need to remember to do something, I need to write it down. Partly because I will forget and partly to keep the idea or plan fresh, so I know exactly what I thought of or need to do.

Do things at once. If you need to empty the bin, do it right then and there. If you need to call the plumber, do it now. You need to go and make a coffee? Don’t put it off. If you do things as you think of them, where it’s practical (obviously) then you will find that your to-do list won’t be as scary.

Ask people to do things for you. I don’t mean just dump all your jobs onto others and kick back whilst they work. But asking for help, and delegating or accepting help means life runs much more smoothly (and I have learned this very much the hard way, just ask my friends and family about this) but if you have something that you know someone else can do, faster or better, don’t be shy, and ask them. Also, don’t refuse help if someone asks. Pride is not a bad thing but being overloaded because you have refused help is not such a good thing.

Say no, or cross things off. You can say no, and you can decide you don’t want to do something. It can be helpful. Plan carefully and you may not have to, but sometimes it is ok to drop a task that really won’t break life if you don’t do it.

There are a few “things” I use to help keep life running smoothly.

As mentioned, I write everything down. I have a blank notebook for scribbling in, and a diary, but I also have found that having a goal planner works really well for me.

Their journals are beautiful, sturdy, and portable, and before I used one I was skeptical that it would help me. There are slots for daily planning, monthly planning, weekly goals, finding things to be grateful for, space for you to record your thoughts and also mark of what you have got done, or need to still do. For me, it’s a really compact way of getting life written down, in one space. It fits into my work and handbag, and it looks stylish too. You have six months of pages and sections to fill, to make the most of life and what it throws your way. I have to say it has helped me to be more in control, and having everything written down in one place makes a lot of sense. This is also something I would gift to someone who likes goal planning or journaling, too.

Some other things I use in day to day life to help me keep on track are practical but life-changing (for me at least)

Tile – this handy little piece of equipment attaches to my key ring and also lives in my wallet and links to my phone. It uses an app and Bluetooth so I can keep track of where my keys are, and also my wallet. I can “call them” or find them using the app. No more lost keys or wallet. You can use them to keep track of almost anything that you can attach one too, from your bike to your bag or a laptop. keeping life organised

A penknife. Sounds old fashioned but you never actually know when you might need a knife, a screwdriver or a sharp tool. I am often changing batteries in toys at work and having a functional penknife in my bag is always handy. Just make sure you don’t take it to places where it might get confiscated and if you travel to make sure it is packed in your hold and not your hand luggage.

keeping life organised

I have also found taking a pouch with my own cutlery in it, and non-plastic straws is a way to not only be more organised, but also that bit greener about life. If I am out and about and need to grab lunch, I don’t want to have to deal with plastic cutlery or remember to get some, and most places now are reducing their usage, so having my own is handy. keeping life organised


Life isn’t perfectly organised, I don’t think it ever will be, but having tools and tricks to help you keep on top of things as much as possible does help.

What do you use for keeping life organised?

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