Make your own chocolate coins at home

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My children love crafting and making things, especially things they can eat afterward, and chocolate coins are a firm favorite in this house. I use chocolate coins in our special advent calendar that I fill with treats every year, as a family tradition, but because we have two dairy-free members of our household, we find making our own coins easier, and safer for them. We use a chocolate coin maker, which means we can use the chocolate they can eat, but we also have fun in the process.

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It’s a fun activity to do together, both the children and I enjoy making chocolate coins, and they are eaten almost as fast as they are made.

It is easy to use, and once you have a rhythm with making them, it works really well.  I was a little skeptical that the plastic chocolate melter would work and it is a little slow, but if you are patient and take time, it works really well. You do need to allow them to cool before you wrap them, we find putting them in the freezer works well if you are making a lot and want to wrap them to use or eat straight away.

This is a fun way to make chocolate coins and they have different molds you can use to stamp your coins and wrappers and you can get refills to replace the foil when you have used it all up. You can use your own chocolate too which is great for food allergies.

It’s a great thing in the lead up to Christmas to make our coins and plan what to use them for, and it’s a toy we use again and again so price-wise it works out well.

So if you want to try and make your own chocolate coins or need to make coins that are safe for someone with an allergy to eat, this is a great little kit to get your hands on.

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  1. What a really neat idea – I’ve never heard of anything like this! Definitely one for the Christmas list, and making chocolate coins on Christmas day would be ideal, if only to slow the chocolate consumption (slightly)! #TriedTested

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