Boy or girl? Using the MyBuBelly system.

*this is a review post. We are working with MyBuBelly sharing our journey*

It’s no secret that we would like to add a third baby to our mix. We have been trying for a while, and we haven’t entirely given up hope. My body is that bit older, so needs all the help it can get, and we are working on seeing what happens.

When the team at MyBuBelly asked me if we would like to try their system which helps you to conceive and can help you maximise your chances of having either a boy or a girl, I thought it would be a great opportunity. I am always keen to try something new and having read through their site and chatted with their team, it seemed worth a shot. We are using the ‘trying for a girl” box. (I will be delighted if we are able to get pregnant with a healthy baby, but both children want a baby sister so we figured that would be fun to try for)

How does My BuBelly work?


based on pH orientation to help “boy” or “girl” sperm make their way to the egg.


in order to detect your ovulation and conceive on the right day.



Leading scientists have perfected this technique that’s been in use since the 1960s: for example, Dr. Shettles and Dr. Seguy had success rates of 80% on average./span>



This technique has been used since the 1970s, particularly in France at Cochin Hospital (by more than 5000 women) and in gynecological practices such as Dr. Papa’s.
Success rates range from 70-80% on average.

Basically they do all the work for you, monitoring your cycle, helping you to take the correct supplements you need and reminding you and helping you with the various stages of your cycle and when and what you need to test.

It’s an incredibly efficient, friendly and helpful service. Your box is personal to you and Eve, your coach SMS reminds you daily to take your supplements, and what tests to take if needed. You can message her via the app to ask questions, or give her information and track what is going on with your cycle.

The box is lovely, and comes with everything you need all in one place, pH testing sticks, ovulation sticks, and all the supplements you need to take for a month.

You do have to stick to the diet recommendations and regime, but if you are serious about trying to conceive, it’s not too much hassle, and it’s actually very interesting to see how it works and the science behind it.

You can watch my video introducing the box, and what’s in it, here or click below.

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I will be sharing over the next few weeks about using the box, how I fit the regime into my day, the products, the app, troubleshooting (what happens when things like tummy bugs strike and affect your body and test results) and how it’s working for us.

So, watch this space. We are always hopeful, maybe we will have some good news in a few months time.


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