Our week in photos 06/10/19 – 12/10/19 more vet visits…

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

We have had a gentle week and I haven’t taken many photos. I went down with a bad cold that ended up as tonsilitis and have been laying low. The week has flown, and we are back to the weekend, and I am wondering how that happened so fast.

We have had to take Layla back to the vet again because her blood test sample didn’t get where it needed to be (the vet was very apologetic) and we have had to chase around getting the medication she needs. I feel like between this and Jasper’s frequent visits to the vet, that we should have some sort of loyalty points card with them. We won’t know what is happening with Layla for another ten days. I am trying not to be too anxious about it. As I type this she is sat on my lap, purring, and you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with her. We shall see. She has a lot of people rooting for her to be as well as she can be, for as long as possible, so let’s hope so.

We had some fun good news this week, and my favorite photo for the week, with the boy getting a gymnastics award after only doing gymnastics for 8 months. He is very proud and so are we.

This time next weekend he and I will be in Ispwich, for him to attend a two-day ballet course for boys. We are heading up there as a family for the day, then the husband will leave with the tween and he and I will be on our own for two days. This and some other dance activities will help us to see if this is what he wants to take more seriously, and where we go from there.

That’s about as much as I have to say for this week. If you want you can catch up with our week here or click on the video below.


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I hope this week has treated you kindly. 

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. I am full of cold too which has turned into a nasty cough. It does sound like you need some sort of loyalty scheme with the vets.
    Well done your boy with the gymnastics award. Have a great time at the ballet course. x

  2. Oh bless, I hope you feel better soon. Well done to your little man! As for the vet – I think I need loyalty points from the dentist lol!!!
    Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.

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