Scrambled eggs don’t have to be hard to make.

I recently shared on my social media about teaching my kids to cook, as a life skill, and that if all else failed, if they were poor starving students, they would at least be able to make scrambled eggs on toast and that making scrambled eggs is an art form in our house and we are very picky about their quality.

I had not one, not two, not three, in fact, more than four people comment that they cannot make scrambled eggs.

So, I thought I would share how I make ours. I make good scrambled eggs, and often will turn my nose up at the offerings in places when we are eating out. I am a scrambled egg snob.

There are things you do not do to scrambled eggs. 

DO NOT ADD milk, or salt when cooking them. Also, DO NOT overcook them. 

I used to make scrambled eggs with milk until I watched a French cooking program where they made scrambled eggs with a knob of butter and no milk and then I tried it myself and now I realise that milk in scrambled eggs just makes them watery and separate. Salt added whilst cooking is a big no. Add salt and pepper to taste once they are cooked and served.

I use 12 eggs for this recipe, but that is catering for four people. You can make scrambled eggs for one person using 3 eggs. I tend to work on 3 eggs per person for this. I use about 100g of butter for 4 people, 25g for one person. If you cannot eat butter you can use a dairy-free spread, or a very mild olive oil.

Crack your eggs into a pan and use a whisk to lightly beat them to blend the yolk into the egg.

Then turn your heat on. Low, so the lower gas mark, or setting if you are on an electric stove and let the eggs start to heat, slowly and gently.

When you see the eggs starting to solidify around the edges you need to start gently stirring with the whisk.

Then you add half of your butter, to the eggs and continue whisking.

The eggs will slowly start to form and take shape. Keep whisking gently.

The trick to good eggs is to turn the heat off as soon as the eggs are reaching their turning point. Any longer and they will dry out and separate and be like airplane food eggs.

As your eggs start to form add the last bit of butter and turn off the heat and stir for one more minute. Turn off the heat and stir another minute, they will continue to cook even if the heat is off.

Serve immediately and NOW you can put salt on them.

Slow, low, gentle, take them off the heat quickly and voila, you will have perfect scrambled eggs.

Being hipster and serving them with avocado is optional.


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  1. I’m lazy and do them in the microwave. I do add milk, only 2 eggs, butter, bit of pepper and worcestershire sauce. Yum. Had a very disappointing scrambled egg at Imperial Hotel Blackpool. Even N turned his nose up. A work colleague said it was probably made with powdered eggs. Bleurgh.

    • I used to, then watched a video of a French lady making eggs and decided it was the way forward!

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