Home made gluten free bread with The Box Bakery

*This is a review post, we were kindly sent some products from The Box Bakery to try*

We love bread in our house, it’s a staple. Unfortunately, we also deal with food allergies and intolerances so whilst the children and I can eat normal bread, and I bake that, the husband misses out on homemade fresh bread. I bake most of the bread we eat, partly because I love baking and also because it’s easier and cheaper and we use a lot. Homemade bread is one of the simplest but also one of the most satisfying things to make and eat. Gluten-free bread has been a mountain I haven’t been able to master, despite trying lots of recipes and alternative flours. My mother in law has also tried. We do buy ready-made bread for the husband but I had pretty much given up until The Box Bakery sent me some of their bread making kits to try.

The Box Bakery

They offer a range of breads all ready in boxes which you can order to then make delicious baked bread at home. They also do cakes as well (sadly my family ate the cake before I could get photos of it, they are clearly blogging fails! But it was amazing. You can order a mixed box of breads and their yummy cake so you can try all their breads to see which one you like best. Or like us you won’t be able to choose and will love them all)

The bread mixes are gluten-free and come all ready to mix and bake. The packaging can be recycled which is helpful too.

The issue I have with gluten-free bread is getting the mix of ingredients right. Because gluten-free bread is gluten-free, you don’t get the traditional gluten/yeast interaction that gives bread it’s rise and texture. The husband will tell you that I have tried a few recipes myself and he has had to reach for the indigestion tablets after taste-testing the results. There are ingredients you need in gluten-free bread to get the right texture of bread and it can be entirely tricky to get that right.

The Box Bakery do all the hard work for you and take away all the faff. 

The Box Bakery

Simply follow the instructions, add water, shake to mix, remove the lid, make sure it’s all well mixed, brush the top with olive oil, and bake as instructed and you will have perfectly bread smelling, gluten-free loaves. No kneading or resting or waiting around.

The Box Bakery

You can’t actually go wrong and if I said that this loaf didn’t last long because we basically made it and ate it with brunch, I wouldn’t be lying.

It’s fluffy and delicious, with a lovely crust. The seeds are just the right distribution, and it’s not all heavy and solid like some gluten-free loaves can be.

And did the husband need indigestion tablets? Nope. He declared it “perfect bread” and asked me to make him another loaf. 

So I think we can safely say that this bread is a winner and The Box Bakery has solved my gluten-free homemade bread problems.

We would definitely recommend them.

Now, who wants a slice of freshly made homemade gluten-free bread with some homemade jam? You can’t say no…

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