Brussel sprouts aren’t that bad…

It’s kind of a Christmas tradition in our house that we HAVE TO have Brussel sprouts. Some of us love them. Some aren’t so keen (ahem, the tween, who thinks being forced to eat any vegetables is torture, but reserves a special loathing for sprouts!) 

They can be bitter, bland and boring and if overcooked they are not exactly appetising. 

But you can make them so they don’t resembling boarding school food.

I prep mine by cutting the bottoms off and removing any really dirty outer leaves. I then wash them and steam them for literally 4 minutes. They don’t need to be “cooked” just a darker shade of green. 

Then comes the bit that makes them tasty.

I liberally douse them with garlic purée (and it has to be purée, I know that’s cheating but it works, buy a tube, don’t feel guilty) good olive oil, and cubed bacon or bacon lardons. Toss them altogether, and then pop them in a roasting dish, uncovered in the oven for 25-30 minutes. They’ll crisp up and absorb the flavour of the bacon and garlic and taste delicious. 

If you are cooking for vegans or vegetarians then skip the bacon and just add some salt and pepper. They taste just as good. 

See, I told you Brussel sprouts aren’t that bad… 

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