Our week in photos – too much coffee but no cake…

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

our week in photos

I have been on a bit of a healthy eating kick this week, which has meant NO CAKE or wine. Surprisingly, I seem to have coped and so far so good and have lost a good starting weight. I will be carrying on. I have one day of the week where I am allowed a glass of wine and a treat of some sort and today it was used up with a baby shower tea party for a friend and being able to enjoy tea, sandwiches and scones. I am looking forward to my glass of wine tonight.

our week in photos

This is my favorite photo from this week, the view of the Thames from Kingston where I work. It’s been pretty cold and only got to 4 degrees so it was a fairly icy walk along to get coffee this morning.

This week has been hard in parts, we have had some major changes in routine which the boy hasn’t coped with at all, and some work stress for both the husband and I, which always adds to the fun of our life juggle. But we plod on and hopefully we will all adjust to the routine changes and calm will be restored. We have had a couple of 3am and 4am starts which are not fun, those can stop now.

I have sent in my college application forms and now I wait to hear what happens next and this week the boy and I start applying for ballet school places for him. Serious stuff and big changes might be coming. We shall see.

I must admit that I am finding January to be dragging a bit, but we are getting there. I do find it the hardest month to manage. I think a lot of people feel this way, not just me.

So that was our week in photos. You can see a two-minute video of our whole week here too if you fancy catching up with the chaos. I hope the week has treated you kindly.

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  1. Ahh! I’ve been eating healthier but I’ve not cut out the cake or wine. hehehe I hope you enjoy your wine tonight!!
    What a lovely photo!
    I hope you all adjust to the changes soon. Good luck with the college application and for your son’s ballet applications. x

  2. What a busy and productive week. I think for most January is always the hardest month, but it should be my best month as it is my birthday month.
    Gorgeous pictures and keep up the good work with the weight loss.

  3. Good luck with all the applications. Exciting about ballet school potential options. Hope everything gets into routine soon. Well done on the diet start. Long may it continue!

  4. I really struggle this time of year. I think I am literally just wishing the month away. Exciting about the colleage applications, hope you hear back soon. Also on the ballet schools, hope he gets the one he wants. I am not doing very good at cutting out the wine…

  5. I did watch your little instagram video and spotted water colours, yarn and two adorable cats! I didn’t realise that you needed to apply for Ballet School places so I’m assuming he’s pretty good and it’s more competitive once you get further in? I’m looking forward to getting you know you and your family over this year! Good luck with your college application too.

    • Thank you. Yes, you need to audition and apply to get a place. We shall see what happens. Thanks for watching our video

  6. Best of luck for college as well as ballet school, hope you both get in. What are you planning on studying?
    Oh dear at the early starts and the changes, hope they settle and cause less worry.
    Lovely blue sky

  7. January is such a tough month isn’t it? Sorry to hear about the work stresses, hope that next week will be a better one for you. I love that view of the Thames – what a beautiful blue sky. Good luck with the college application and with the ballet school place. #project366

  8. I have been feeling like January is flying by!

    Good on you for the healthy eating….I am trying and failing a bit.

    Sorry to hear that some parts of the week have been tough

  9. Sounds like you have a lot going on at the minute. That is a gorgeous scenery photo. Sorry to hear about your hubby’s work issues. x #mysundaysnapshot #silentsunday

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