Things that have made me happy this week

Life can be tough, but as my therapist says, there is always something to try and see in a good light. So welcome to Things That Have Made Me Happy this week. Sharing the good things amongst the tough and sometimes hamster wheel slog that life feels like.

things that made me happy

Food made me happy this week – I love cooking, eating and feeding people. Being able to take a meal to a friend who has just had a baby made me happy, because I know it’s so nice to have food you don’t have to plan, cook or wash up after when you are that crazy newborn haze (getting to cuddle a newborn is also something that makes me happy too) and cooking food at home that I know my family love is something that I enjoy too. I made mushroom risotto this week, that the husband loves and often asks me to make

Childcare – made me happy this week. More on the why and how of that next week.

Painting and decorating made me happy. Ok, that’s probably not entirely accurate but it’s a job done that we have been working on for a while, and it was going to be a hard one, so we are delighted it’s done, and also it meant the husband and I got two days of each other’s company too, which is never a bad thing.

My teenager – made me happy this week. Sometimes she drives me bonkers and to be honest parenting a teen is a whole new stage of motherhood that mostly has me bemused, frustrated and thoroughly confused, but this week she has proved herself. She has made meals, tidied up, been kind, and acted less like a threenager and more like the wonderful person she can be when hormones and her parents aren’t being, ahem, unreasonable…

things that made me happy

So that’s been my week. Now it’s happy Friday and bring on the weekend. What has made you happy this week?

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