A day in the life of the teen in the house

A day in the life of the teen…

The teen, who I will cheerfully admit has far better fashion sense than me and a much more interesting social life, and it has to be said, better school dinners too, asked if she could share a day in the life of the teen in the house. So, here you go, find out what the teen gets up to when her parents are not embarrassing her by trying to be cool when we really should just admit we are dinosaurs that supply food, pocket money, and phone credit…

Emily: So, I start my day at 06:15. I turn my alarm off and go to the bathroom. Once I’ve finished there I’m ready to start my day. I start by doing my medication (I’m asthmatic and was diagnosed recently, and we are getting used to me taking medication to help me with that)

First I do my peak flow measurement which is basically a piece of plastic with a scale on the side that I blow into and it measures the strength of my lungs. Then I take my beclometasone (the brown inhaler) this helps try and prevent me from having asthma attacks. Then I get dressed into my school uniform. At around 07:00 I go downstairs to eat my breakfast. Which is usually buttered toast with apple juice.

At about 07:20 my friend will text me to say she is on the bus and I will get ready to leave. I get the bus at about 07:35 and arrive at school for about 08:00. At 08:30 my school day begins. My first lesson was science. Then at 09:30 I had PE. Then at 10:30 I had break. At 10:50 lessons started again and I had maths. At 11:50 we all go to tutor time which is where you meet with your form group and form tutor to talk about the day, discuss the topic of the week or on a Monday where you meet to register before going to assembly.

At 12:20 we have lunch. Today I had pizza (which in my opinion is one of the best types of pizza I will ever eat.) Usually at lunch I chat with my friends and play on my phone but today one of my friends brought a pack of cards so we played some card games. It was great fun. At 13:00 my lessons continue. I had English. Then at 14:00, I had textiles (which in case anyone doesn’t know it’s like sewing and crafts and stuff like that).

At 15:00 school ends and I head home. I usually get home at about 15:30. I get home and I usually have a snack then start my homework but today my mom asked me if I wanted to make hot chocolate for her, my brother and I and of course the loving daughter and sister that I am I  said yes. There are two things you should know before I continue my story. Number one: I love cooking and working in the kitchen so of course I said yes. Number two: a few months ago I created a super deluxe hot chocolate that my entire family loves. So they always ask for it.

My super deluxe hot chocolate is:

Hot chocolate with milk (of course, we use non dairy milk because of food allergies)

Flavouring if you wish

1-2 pieces of chocolate in the bottom

Whipped cream


Melted chocolate on top

Sprinkles or chocolate powder on top

Feel free to try this recipe if you want and let me know what you thought or if I could add anything to improve it.

Anyway carrying on with my day. After I made my hot chocolate I went upstairs to do my homework. I only had one piece and that was to revise for citizenship exam tomorrow. (citizenship is basically a class where you learn about politics and the government – there’s usually lots of debates during class.)

My dad got back from work at about 17:30 and my mum likes to have dinner ready for when my dad gets home so I finished my revision and went downstairs to say hello to my dad and see if dinner was ready. We had sausage and lentil casserole for dinner. Afterwards I went upstairs, read over my revision notes whilst I waited for my brother to finish in the bathroom. Then I had a shower and got ready for bed.

At about 19:45 I did my medication. I took my peak flow measurement like this morning, then I took my preventer inhaler. Then I got into bed and started writing this. It’s now 20:20 and I’ve got to get ready to turn my light out. So that’s a day in the life of the teen in our house. Until next time.

A day in the life of the teen

The Teen. Xx

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