Mother’s Day is not happening this year.

Mother’s Day is almost upon us in the UK. For us, it’s going to be very different, and in fact, I said to the husband “Mother’s Day is not happening this year, really is it?”

Coronavirus has caused havoc, brought death, fear, and sadness to many, and most of the world is holding its breath to see what happens and it’s a very hard time for everyone. It has closed closures, shops to shut, plans to be canceled, people to be separated due to being unable to travel or in isolation. Quarantine and chaos is making life challenging for us all.

We had planned a special day. My kids like making cards for me, and I treasure those. They also like to plan a day out for us. I had asked if we could go into London this year, to visit an art gallery I love, and then have a nice lunch somewhere.

Those plans are canceled. There won’t be a day out. We will be eating lunch at home. The husband has been under tremendous pressure with work during the escalation of this crisis, so he hasn’t had much chance to plan fuss or gifts. The kids have been using my laptop to print things for a craft they are making, I suspect and I am not going to pry. It’s keeping them busy and not thinking about being away from their friends as schools and activities have shut.

I find Mother’s Day very hard, usually because of missing my own mum and I also think we need to be supporting mothers more, and not just reminding them with flowers once a year.

We will have a day together. We have a lot of days ahead together, so Sunday, Mothering Sunday, will probably seem very similar to other days.

I am ok with that, my children will make the fuss they want to and make me feel appreciated and I am fairly sure that I will be not allowed to cook and dinner and lunch will be made for me, and I might get to choose what is on the tv for a change (and won’t be forced to watch teenage reality dance shows or endless rounds of Boss Baby and Hello Ninja) and I will feel loved and needed and that is the most important thing.

I don’t need flowers, fuss, a fancy day out. They’d be nice, but right now, cocooned at home, whilst the world watches and waits and worries, I will have what is most important. Those who are most precious to me are all I need. And the cats, don’t forget the cats.

Mother’s Day is not happening this year, in its normal form, for many. That is ok. We will ride this out. There is always next year.

Mother's Day is not happening this year

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