Keep calm, carry on, do ballet lessons via video calls.

I am not a technophobe but I will happily admit that I am not a fan of video conference calling facilities and I don’t like making, taking or being part of video calls. The husband regularly uses them for his job and is very comfortable with them, but for me, it’s just a step too far in communication. I find Whatsapp stressful enough and avoid video calls at all costs….

Until Coronavirus struck and life shut down.

Now video calls are becoming my friend, or if not my friend then at least a tool I will tolerate as vaguely useful and helpful.

We are using them to speak to the family so the kids can see people properly in person. I have used them to do work calls, and survive them.

I have even done a meet up with mums and drunk wine via video chat.

But the most amazing thing about video calls is that the kids can do some of their classes and groups online.

Cubs meet ups? Online. Everyone joins in. They even made food last night and all ate it together in a synchronised moment together.

Violin lessons? No problem. The teacher video calls and the kids do their lessons whilst I lurk in a corner keeping half an eye and helping with tuning up.

French classes? Video calls for the win.

Ballet and dance? The teachers send videos home for the kids to follow and today we even did a live lesson.

video calls

We can’t do normal at the moment, we have to sit tight and stay home, but we can try and bring a little bit of normal to life at home and video calls and technology might normally feel like a bit of a curse for me but right now I am very grateful for them, and I am embracing the ability they give us to at least manage some of life whilst we live in lockdown.

It’s not easy, but finding things that help us survive this is helping.

Is there something you are doing now that you wouldn’t have embraced before Covid19?

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  1. Times like this really do make you realise just how much we reply on technology doesn’t it. What would we do without it? It’s great that your kids can still do there lessons online. #StayClassyMama

  2. Doing job interviews via Teams and Zoom and getting used to seeing my face on screen which is probably long overdue to be fair #StayClassyMama – might even start doing FB Lives and vlogs in due course

  3. Thank goodness that we do live in a time with all of this technology. 20 years ago we’d have never had access to video calls.
    I’m definitely getting more Techno savvy and learning new things all the time. #StayClassyMama

  4. We are doing the PE lesson every day with Joe Wicks and Anya’s school have activities and stories on their Facebook page. I know the local dance school as well as other local groups are offering online classes and I might investigate later in the lockdown. #stayclassymama

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