My greener home – greener bathroom cabinet products…

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This is our ongoing series called “my greener home” and it will feature updates on us being a bit greener and trying to reduce our impact on our planet. Some of the items shared in these posts may have been sent to use to review.

My greener home

This week I am sharing some lovely products that were sent to us for review and it’s bathroom cabinet time with some soaps, shampoos, and skin scrubs.

I am a sucker for skin scrubs for my body and face. I already dry oil brush which helps my skin feel and look smoother, and face scrubs help get rid of dead skin and brighten. I try to avoid any plastic in them and now I think facial scrubs with plastic microbeads in them are banned, people are looking for good alternatives. These coffee scrubs from UpCircle not only smell blooming amazing but are made from repurposed coffee grounds and essential oils in recyclable tubes are a firm favourite of mine.

My greener home

Shampoo and hair conditioners are something we are very picky about in this house, and persuading my kids into the bath sometimes is challenging. I find products that smell nice and work well help. These lovely shampoos and conditioners from Spots & Stripes are great, for kids skin, they smell amazing, they are gentle, and they are more eco friendly as well as being in bottles that can be reused or recycled easily. They also have a great teen skin range too.

My greener home

Evolve Beauty are another eco-friendly company who have a wide range of products from shampoos, deodorants and skincare, and again for me, packaging as well as contents are important.

My greener home

Sponges and cleansing cloths are always something I think carefully about. Reducing plastic but also cruelty-free is important, so opting for washable cloths and sponges that are eco-friendly important. This bath sponge from Tabitha Eve is kind to skin and works well for washing and scrubbing even the dirtiest of knees and feet that have been in a garden all day. It’s eco friendly and can be washed in with your normal laundry. They have a great range of products to replace single-use items as well as other things around your home too.

That’s our my greener home, bathroom cabinet edition, for this week. Next week I am going to share some thoughts on skincare and some products I use that I can recommend. Please feel free to share yours in the comments too…

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