Our week in photos – screen time problems with the pets

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

our week in photos

This week seems to have passed in a blur and I didn’t take that many photos that are shareable for a blog but we did get a lovely family walk in exploring an area that is local to us, but that for some reason we haven’t visited. This week has been a bit slow and hard for us all, for some reason. We are not ready to go back to the normal that’s being pushed with shopping and pretending things are all ok, and we are also struggling with being stuck at home, it’s a weird space to be in. I think lots of people are feeling this way though.

You can see what we have been up to here, in our weekly video I send to my mother in law, but this is my favourite photo here from this week.

Our leopard gecko is addicted to TV. He lives in our living room at the moment because he gets more company and interaction with us all being at home, and he LOVES watching TV. He comes out as soon as the screen is on, and actually gets quite tetchy when we turn it off. Layla likes to watch with us too, although she isn’t loving having us all at home ALL THE TIME.

So that’s our week in photos. I promise next week’s will be more interesting! How has your week been?

our week in photos

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  1. It does feel like the government is pushing things too quickly and pretending everyone is OK. My fella is back to work tomorrow but the rest of us aren’t rushing to return to normal.
    How funny that your gecko loves to watch TV. x

  2. That’s so funny that the gecko watches tv. I think if our dogs ever saw a tv they’d be so confused. The german shepherd can’t even cope wtih seeing people through the patio doors. She doesn’t get it at all!

  3. My normal hasn’t really changed, I’m used to being on my own and not really doing much. I’ve also no intention of going out shopping any more than I do now. My dog loves having me around more often, but gets quite upset if I do out without him, the cat really isn’t bothered by me either

  4. That’s so funny that the gecko likes TV so much! I don’t think anyone should feel any pressure to go to the shops – everyone has to do what’s right for them. I’m not rushing off to the shops myself, but at the same time if people want to go, that’s fine by me!

  5. It does feel like things are moving too fast especially as I have no faith or trust in the government and what they are telling us. Love that the gecko likes TV.

  6. Must admit it does feel like everything is being rushed to go back to normal. But at the same time I am getting frustrated at being at home so much.

    Had to smile at the gecko getting tetchy when you switch off the TV.

  7. Sorry to hear that you had a tough week. I can relate to not feeling ready to the normal that’s been pushed at the moment – I’m happy with some aspects but not others and I suspect it will be a while yet before I feel ready to go into a shop for anything non-essential. Your telly-addict gecko made me smile. #project366

    • I went to a supermarket this week for the first time in three months, it was rather strange. I am very glad to take it slowly

  8. So cute that gecko watches TV with you. I’m not feeling safe with the relaxed lockdown either. We only braved the book shop from non-essentials. It feels like a rush, but then many people are signing petitions for all schools to be open etc. I’ve zero trust in the government.

    • I really don’t think there is much science behind any of it to be honest, I guess we just have to wait and see…

  9. I would never have thought that the Gecko would like TV! I have also been struggling this week with a bit of overwhelm! I guess sometimes we have good weeks and sometimes we have bad weeks and I just need to accept that! xx

    • He’s a very odd little creature. I think it’s been a tough week for many, hasn’t it? I hope you are feeling better this week.

  10. I can see your gecko watching the TV!!!! That is crazy he loves it so much, it must be all the different colours and movement that catches his attention! My parents always have gecko’s running around their patio and outside of their house, sometimes they get in too, they are fascinating creatures!

    I’m with you on not wanting to go full steam back into normal life. I survived my first Aldi and Home Bargains shop in over 3 months this week, it was weird at first but I shall definitely be returning next week. However, I was not brave/stupid enough to camp out nor queue for Primark reopening like so many did on Monday. I couldn’t think of anything worse, I seriously do not need anything that badly to attempt it! Hope you have all had a lovely week! Sim x

    • It does feel very odd trying to go back to any kind of normal, doesn’t it? I want to take it very slowly.

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