My Sunday Photo – the promise of bramble fruit picking

My Sunday Photo – the promise of bramble fruit picking

My sunday photo

We went for our weekly drag the children out of bed early and routemarch walk last Friday and explored the woods near us, that for some reason we haven’t properly done before. We found two ponds full of late tadpoles (possibly even toad tadpoles?) which much to the children’s disappointment we couldn’t take home (we had nothing to carry it in)

But we also found masses of bramble bushes, which thrilled me because this means we can come back later in the year and pick lots and lots of juicy berries. My children love fruit picking and picking blackberries from bramble bushes was something I did as a child growing up at school in the countryside in Scotland, and if we can get enough I make jam or sauce, or we freeze them. It’s a fairly quiet spot only populated by dog walkers and joggers and families mad enough to be up and about walking early so I think we will be able to pick plenty and still leave some for the birds.

I wasn’t that happy with this photo. The coulour isn’t right and it’s not very focused but for some reason I decided to share it. I haven’t really taken many other photos that would make for a good blog post, this week. I need to take my proper camera out with me, when we go out because we live somwehre where nature photos are very possible, if you can take a decent shot. There is a rumour that I might be getting an iPhone11 for my birthday (so my children tell me, they are rubbish at keeping secrets, don’t tell the husband I know) so that will help with better photos I think as the camera on it is supposed to be very good.

Linking up with Darren for My Sunday Photo, who’s site I need to read, for photography tips.

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  1. What a wonderful find! We have a ton of bramble bushes in the lane out the back of us and my dad has a ton on his land. We made so many crumbles and pies with them last year.

  2. On our walks, we haven’t seen any fruit growing, but we also found lots of tadpoles. I love my iPhone for photography.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto ❤️

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