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Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

Our week in photos

COVID makes life very complicated, doesn’t it? We are processing and dealing with the fact that whilst the virus seems to still be very much around, that life seems to be opening up. It’s hard to decide what we want to do and at what pace we go with the flow. Less than two weeks ago we were shielding the teen, and now she’s been moved from Catagory A to a lower risk category, we can breathe again. Or can we? Should we. I have no desire to bubble with anyone, we have no desire to suddenly have people in our garden for socially distanced catch-ups. I am happy for other people to do that and glad that they can, but for us, the adjustment to lockdown took a while, and now we are easing ourselves out. I am not convinced there is much science to what our government is doing and we don’t particularly want to get COVID, so we are taking things slowly. We are inching out. The boy and I had a lovely trip to Kew Gardens this week. Being outside in open spaces feels safe and an easy way to slide back into things we are used to. I have no desire to go shopping for pleasure although the teen and I did do her first outing in almost 13 weeks, to the post office, and to collect some cakes, which she enjoyed despite wearing a mask. So we carry on much as before and may do little things here and there. I miss being with people, and I want to be with people but we are not quite ready yet and to be honest, the current social distancing rules stress me out too much, I would rather wait until things are less infectious and also less restricted. My mental health has been ok for most of this period but my anxiety is centered around health so for me, it’s a balance of adjusting so it doesn’t make me more anxious as lockdown eases.

This week other than trying to decide how we adjust to life, we have been doing a lot of DIY and the boy’s room is finally finished (room tour video soon) and we have also celebrated Father’s Day and next weekend is my birthday, which I am looking forward to and there is a proper day out planned, our first as a family since February, which we are really looking forward to.

You can see how our trip to Kew went here, with lots of rose photos and enjoying being out and about.

This is my favourite photo from this week. One very happy boy, in his happy place, posing of course. Outside the Temperate House at Kew.

Our week in photos

So that was our week in photos. I hope this week has treated you kindly too.

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  1. Glad you got out. I’ve never been to Kew but would love all the photo opportunities. It’s a bit of a trek and I think N would moan about it. We’ve still no been anywhere – I’m working in the day, and don’t need to go anywhere, but next week am booked in for a National Trust place which will be good. It’s only 5 mins drive away though.

    • We haven’t been able to book a national trust place yet, I am stalking them to get a spot soon, hopefully

  2. We are doing pretty much the same as we did a few weeks ago only now my fella is back to work but hardly see’s anyone. We’re staying home as much as we can and the only people we’re having socially distanced meet ups with are my dad, his partner and my teens girlfriend.
    Well done on getting your sons bedroom finished.
    Fab photo. It did make me chuckle. It looks like he’s having a great time x

    • He had a great time. We are pretty much keeping a low profile until at least August we have decided.

  3. I love Kew Gardens and struggled to get my kids out of the play area – I do wish we live a bit closer. I am looking forward to meeting up with family and friends soon, but the shopping can wait

  4. It is difficult to know how to get the balance right – and harder for you than most I’m sure. It sounds like you are doing the right thing for your family, and that’s all that matters! That’s a lovely photo.

  5. I am still avoiding going to the shops etc but are venturing out more for walks etc.
    Lovely photo, we went Kew gardens for the first time last year and loved it.

    • It’s such a lovely place, we are so lucky we live close! We are very much avoiding the shops

  6. Its very good of you to stay cautious even if lockdown has relaxed. I’m doing the same too, only leaving the house for essentials. Do take care of your mental health. Cute photo at Temperate House

  7. I’m with you on inching out of lockdown too. I’ve been quite happy in our bubble and other than being able to see my mum, I’m not yet ready to venture much further out of it. A trip to Kew Gardens sounds lovely though – it’s good to be able to get out and about and have plenty of space to stay socially distanced from other people. Looks like the boy enjoyed himself and how lovely that his room is all finished now too. #project366

    • I think taking it slowly is a good thing. It was such a big thing to have to go into, we need to be do what is comfortable for us

  8. I’ve never visited Kew Gardens, but hope to see them one day. I’m not ready to socialise either, I think I just don’t trust the government’s guidelines, as the eased rules are more for the economy rather than health reasons. You know better what your family circumstances are, and if you’re not in a rush to meet up with the other people, you ease into it slowly.

  9. Hope you are having a lovely birthday!! 🙂

    Even when I lived in London I didn’t visit Kew Gardens, one day maybe, but I expect it was lovely to get out and enjoy a walk around them!
    It really is crazy at the moment, I stretch to visiting our village shops and the local Aldi and Home Bargains but that’s it. I do not see myself stepping in Primark for some time. You need to do what is right for you and family, lockdown has certainly taught me to take some things at a slower pace and I’m finding it easier than normal to say no! Hope you have all had a fab week! Sim x

    • Yes, I most certainly won’t be going shopping properly any time soon. Click and collect from Asda is as good as it gets right now!

  10. I’ve never been to Kew. I’m like you, would rather spend my time, socially distanced and outside with family and friends than go to a shop anytime soon. My anxiety has also improved, it’s only when I have to go shopping I get out of my comfort zone

  11. We are easing ourselves out of lockdown too and only doing things as a family that are outside, we have been lucky and National Trust has been a godsend. Hope you had a great birthday x

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