Gently ease snoring with The Goodnight Anti-Snoring ring

*We were kindly asked to review The Goodnight Anti-Snoring ring but if you think snoring may be a health issue then please seek medical advice*

Snoring can be an issue that might be keeping you or your partner awake. In our home, we do have a tiny problem and we are hoping The Goodnight Anti-Snoring ring will help. Snoring can be linked to health issues, so it’s always worth getting checked if you think it might be, but if like for us snoring is simply due to sinus pressure and nothing serious then it might be worth getting your hands on a ring and trying it out to see if it helps.

The husband (who knows I am writing this) snores. It’s usually related to his sinuses, he has had some surgery to repair his nose (it’s a running joke that we had been married for less than a year when I made him get a nose job, or actually to be truthful, I realized his snoring was an issue and made him see an ENT surgeon who performed minor surgery to ease the problem) but it is a lifelong thing he deals with and sometimes it gets worse and sometimes I spend my nights poking him to roll him over when I have had enough. Thankfully he’s still pretty cute and I quite like him, so I put up with but when we were asked to try The Goodnight Anti-Snoring ring I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go. If you read our blog you know that sleep is often an issue round here so adding something else that makes sleep worse is not on my happy list

The Goodnight Anti Snoring ring

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is a completely natural remedy which uses acupressure points on the little finger to cure snoring. Unlike other cures on the market, the simple ring is non-invasive with no nasty chemicals, mouth guards or ugly nose clips!

How it works: The ring’s two acu-activators in your little finger work to free up your breathing passages and promote your natural biorhythms to give a snore-free restful night’s sleep.

What you do: You simply place The Good Night Anti-Snoring ring on the little or “pinky” finger at night just before you go to sleep, and take it off in the morning when you wake up…hey presto -no more snoring! Is there proof Good Night Snoring Ring works? Good Night Stop Snoring Ring is the only product of its kind to be subjected to a clinical trial.

The Goodnight Anti Snoring ring

Here’s the science bit…The clinical trial was a randomised double-blind placebo study designed to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, it took 7 months and was run in 2013.The study was compliant with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) guidelines for the study of ‘simple snoring’ during sleep. 40 adults took part and had their sleep measured over 14 days.The Good Night Stop Snoring Ring was shown to have helped in 80 per cent (yes, 8 out of 10) cases, by significantly reducing or stopping their snoring.

But the real question is, does it work in real life, and does this long-suffering wife get a break?

In short. Yes, it does. The thing with snoring is there is no placebo effect cure. You can’t control is if you snore or not. When you are asleep, you are not aware of your snoring, so it is easy to see if this ring works or not. It took about 5 days for me to notice a difference but I realised about a week into him wearing the ring as instructed, that he snores a lot less, and in fact some nights not at all.

Because it’s safe to use, doesn’t hurt, doesn’t involve chemicals, and isn’t something you really know is there when you are wearing it, it’s a convenient and gentle way to help with snoring. I have to say I was a little bit skeptical, even after I had read the science behind the ring, and how it works, so I am very impressed that it does actually do what it says.

It’s worth looking at getting one of these if you know snoring is being caused by nothing serious health-wise, and you have tried other things that haven’t really worked. It’s painless and easy and all you have to do is remember to put it on at night or remind your sleep partner too.

Sadly it doesn’t work on our elderly cat, who also snores (because of her age) but at least it works on the husband, it’s a little bit less of sleep disruption for me and he’s getting a better night’s sleep too.

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is just £29.99 and comes with a no-risk, no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee. Available from Boots, your local pharmacy or online at

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