Eat well in lockdown and beyond with Squaremeal

*This is a collaborative post with Squaremeal*

Lockdown and the life we have had to get used to has been very challenging for so many people and we are not alone in sharing our ups and downs, highs, and lows but we are trying to eat well. The one thing I have tried to do is to make sure we have been enjoying our food. I love to cook, and feed people, and whilst I can’t have guests over right now, and we don’t know when that will be allowed, I have been working through my cookery books and meal planning more, and trying to come up with interesting meals to feed the family and keep me busy. I find cooking cathartic and calming so it’s enjoyable for me. I know not everyone feels this way. Some people are doing DIY and learning new skills, I cook and bake. We like to eat well, explore new tastes and foods and it’s been a great time to experiment and try new things.

eat well

I have been browsing a lot of sites as well, and found a few that are very helpful, and useful. Squaremeal is a site I stumbled across whilst looking for some information on a meal I wanted to make and I was very impressed with how easy their restaurant standard recipes are to actually use, even if you are cooking at home.

eat well

 Whilst I am loving all the cooking during the lockdown, I am looking forward to life going a little bit back to normal and when it’s safe, to being allowed to socialize with our friends and family. Unfortunately, the big birthday celebration we had planned for this year, after what was an incredibly tough year last year, had to be postponed, so the first thing we do when we are able to book a celebration meal, and I don’t want to be doing all the work, so I will be looking at hiring a venue, and having someone else do all the running around for me. Squaremeal offer services where you can hire a private dining space or arrange an event, and although we are still waiting for social distancing to ease, I am busy planning all the details and ideas I have so that I can be really organized when I am allowed to finally book something knowing that I have peace of mind working with a company like Squaremeal, that has an great reptiation for food hygiene as well as access to some great venues and event venues.

eat well

. Of course, I won’t be alone in wanting to be able to replan my event. One thing I do know is that places will book up fast, as people realize they can relax and plan again, so I won’t be delaying booking so we don’t miss out. If you have had to delay a wedding or other special event, you will be waiting probably not so patiently to be able to rearrange it.

So whilst you wait, like me, make sure you have your lists, and ideas, menus, venue requirements, decor and all thing things you need to be organized for your event or celebration, so as soon as we are free to and lockdown ends, we can get on with booking, then celebrating life once more.

Are you managing to eat well in lockdown or do you have an event you had to postpone that you are looking forward to enjoying when life returns to more normal?

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