My Sunday Photo – A green ladybird

Ladybird ladybird, fly away home…

This ladybird didn’t and it was also GREEN. I have seen orange, red on black, black on red, and even a white ladybird before but not a green one.

We have a particular bush in our front garden that seems to be a magnet for ladybirds to lay their eggs and for their larvae to hatch on and every year or most years we have lots of larvae and then eventually lots of ladybirds. Usually the conventional colour and type. Last year we counted over 200 larvae at one point at this time of year, and they also were all over our wall but this year we have less but a very different colour. Nature is a strange and interesting thing, isn’t she?

So this one is a very unusual one and we have a few larvae of the same colour so we are thinking there may be a few more of these. Not sure why they are the colour they are and perhaps they are a type that are not normally native to the UK, thanks to global warming. I don’t even know if they are harmful to other ladybirds or not. We are off to do some googling, but if anyone does know, feel free to enlighten us. The boy wanted to keep it but I am of the mind that bugs need to live outside where they belong but we will keep an eye out and see if we spot any more as they hatch.


We shall have to see how many hatch of this colour and find out more about them. I hope they are not harmful to the other ladybirds in our garden. I am fairly sure they won’t get eaten by any birds either, as they might look pretty but I bet they don’t taste nice.

Has anyone seen a ladybird this colour before?

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