My Sunday Photo – Signing off, just for the week

Usually, at this time of the year, I am signing off to go on holiday. I try to have a digital detox and leave my phone at home and take a break. This year, thanks to Covid19, we are not going on holiday. We are having a staycation and taking some time to do things locally, sort our garden out, a socially distanced beach trip, and some other things to keep us busy but also things we hope we will enjoy.

Why do I sign off and toss my phone in a drawer? Why do I delete all social media from my iPad and pay someone to do some of my social media work for me? Because I think a total break is good.

Also, to be honest, my anxiety levels right now are fairly high, for reasons I won’t go into here (sorry to be cryptic, it’s mainly personal, and whilst I so share a lot here, I find there are people in my life who don’t understand and make more of my mental health issues out of lack of understanding than is needed, which causes me more stress, so I keep some stuff private) and taking time off social media, not dealing with emails and WhatsApp for a few days is very good for my mind. So later today, I am signing off for a week. Digging out my trusty old Nokia that can only do SMS and calls and that only a limited number of people know the number for, turning off my phone, logging out of emails, and taking a break. I even deactivate my Instagram account, so I am not tempted to sneak back and browse.

I will leave you with a rather lovely photo my son took on my iPhone 11 this week. He was trying to take photos of the ants in the grass, but was rather pleased with this daisy one so said I could share it.

Have a good week. See you on the other side…

signing off

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Darren Coleshill
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  1. What a lovely photo! I’m very impressed with you taking a digital detox. In a strange way, I like social media even more when I’m on holiday! I have more time on my hands without work and use it to actually blog ie do my own writing rather than reading and commenting on others’ blogs. For me, being able to write is part of relaxation, but I know that a lot of people prefer to just completely step away!

  2. I hope you had a great staycation. A total break is a great relief. You don’t need to tell all your personal struggles, i completely understand and feel the same way. Pretty flowers

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