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* We were kindly asked to review Maths-Whizz and share our thoughts*

I am always on the lookout for resources, apps and websites to use as part of our homeschooling resources and curriculum and maths is a favorite topic for my son. It wasn’t and still isn’t my strongest subject but I am learning as I teach him, and don’t dislike it now like I did at school. We use a variety of books and teaching methods but I find apps and sites that can help supplement or top up his learning, or test his abilities are very useful.

Maths_Whizz is a comprehensive and easy to use site that we have found very useful.


Maths-Whizz started as a parent’s desire to help his own children learn maths, coupled with a need for an online product that could successfully simulate a live tutoring experience that results in measurable gains. Today, our award winning products are used by thousands of students worldwide and include Maths-Whizz Teachers’ Resource and Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus.

Our teaching tools

Engage students by providing relevant content based upon their educational needs

Motivate students through immediate feedback and guided instruction

Deliver measurable results through increased academic achievement

Bridge learning gaps – from school to home

I think what we like about Maths-Whizz because it’s easy to set up, and work around your child’s needs and what goals you want to set them and what they need to learn. It’s also a lot of fun. It seems like a game to children but actually it’s one to one skills and tutoring in a way that helps kids learn and develop maths skills based on their needs. My son is working at a year 6-7 level (he’s currently 10.5 years old) and he finds the activities fun but also challenging. You want kids to enjoy using a learning resource but not find it too easy.

As a homeschool parent, I obviously look at our learning needs and how resources work for us, from that perspective but I can see how very useful this would be for a child in school, or for teachers using it for class and individual work. They have very helpfully worked around the needs of homeschoolers too. which is great as some apps and sites don’t do this and it can be frustrating to find stuff that works for home and one to one learning. It’s also safe and secure, something very important for anyone letting children use sites for any purpose.

It’s very well put together and user friendly from a parent point of view, and you get weekly updates and goals for your child and recommendations as to what level they are working at and where they need to reach. It’s comprehensive and designed by people who know maths and how to teach it. It also works well on both a computer/laptop and a tablet device. We haven’t used it on a phone but I am sure it also works well there too.

Whizz-Maths is definitely worth investing in, if you are looking for a strong programme to back up your maths learning or as a partner resource.

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