Life in Lockdown – here we go again?

I am not sure if I was naive, if we were all naive, thinking that we wouldn’t face life in lockdown again, but here we are, here we go again.

here we go again

Less than a week into 2021 as we all hold our breath to see what the year brings, our Prime Minister brought us back in to lockdown and the stay at home order has been given.

Most of 2020 was a hell of a rollercoaster. In December 2019 when I watched news coming from China about a virus that was causing cases of pneumonia, I wondered if it was going to affect the rest of us. I even said it out loud to the husband.

What we know now, we didn’t know then.

We have had lockdown take 1, semi lockdown take 2, Tiers, Levels, and rules and what we can and can’t do chopped and changed so many times. Told to eat out and go on holiday, then told our children can’t to the usual things they love. Told to send our kids back to school, told to keep them at home.

It’s mess up life. It’s messed up our minds. A virus is killing people, devastating lives and almost breaking our health service. We tried to have Christmas then we weren’t allowed to have Christmas.

I didn’t expect it all to vanish in as we left 2020 and I was expecting 2021 to start with a bump. A new strain of virus landing means things are going to get worse, as we place all our hope in a vaccine that will make it all better.

As much as I hate lockdown, I had a feeling it was coming. Things have got worse and worse and the horror stories from our beleagured NHS of cases climbing, and also news of people I know being very ill with this virus, made me realise something had to give.

So here we go again.

In a way I am relieved. Because like last time, this is simple. We stay home. The children are home. We don’t have to try and decipher rules and what we can and can’t do depending on where we live. It isn’t fun. But I was finding I was becoming more and more anxious as the news worsened. We faced our first having to self isolate session after Covid exposusre from school. We had a few days over Christmas where we were not sure if we had picked up Covid (it wasn’t, thank goodness) and we heard news of friends in hospital, friends on ventilators in Intensive Care, friends loosing loved ones and people being hit hard again.

I hate the idea of lockdown but feel calmer knowing that now we just have to get on with it. We make it work as best as we can for us and we settle down into our own bubble, shut out the world as much as we can and ride it out. Again.

I am not even pinning my hopes on an end date this time. We will take things as they come. I wrote on Instagram tonight about what I can and can’t control, I am dealing with what is in front of me, and that’s all I can do.

So, Lockdown take 3. We aren’t happy, but we are ready.

Here we go again…

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