Dating and romance when life isn’t quite normal.

*This is a collaborative post sharing some tips for dating and romance during lockdown life*

I don’t write a lot about dating and romance on our blog, but we have been married for nearly twenty years, and still quite like each other, and there are things we have learned that work for us. During this challenging time, when you can’t go out as normal, and the things you would do like going out for meals, days out, weekends away, can’t happen due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing, it can be really challenging to maintain a relationship or even get one off the ground.

dating and romance

For us, finding time alone, when we are all living under one roof 24/7 with children in the mix, has been the hardest thing. In normal times, we make date nights a priority and we get dressed up, leave the house, organize a babysitter and try to make time for us, as a couple. Right now we can’t do those things. People who are dating or trying to manage relationships are in a sort of limbo, too. You either are not allowed to meet up with someone you don’t live with, or if you do, there are so many things to worry about that it can see more effort that it’s worth.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. We have technology on our side these days to help. Dating and romance can still happen, you just need to be clever, use the tools available and improvise if needs be. Also, whilst it can seem like more work, it’s worth it, and things will start to go back to normal at some point, and life can’t be completely on hold whilst we wait for that.

dating and romance

For us, being under the same roof, it is a little easier, but we still have to make an effort to get time alone, and manage our adult relationship.

If you don’t live with the person you are trying to date or are in a relationship with, you need to get creative. If you have met someone on a dating site like Gloucestershire dating you might not have had a chance to actually “meet them” in real life yet, or you may not know them that well. Or you may be living separately and trying to maintain a connection. If you are allowed to meet up in real life, social distancing rules might make it harder work, so online might be safer.

You can make this fun and inventive though.

Use the tech you have.

It took me a long time to get around using Zoom and Google meet but now I realise how handy they are and there are a few ways to do this

Try and organise regular catch up chat videos

You can even incorporate them into your daily life. You could organize to video chat whilst you cook, and keep each other company. You could even eat together.

Watch movies together

If you synchronize your times and have access to the right media, you can watch a movie together and chat whilst you watch. We did this with friends last year watching Eurovision, using Whatsapp and it was fun and a little crazy but also helped us connect.

Playing games is another fun way to connect

You can play online games together in apps and on sites. A good friend of mine is currently separated from her husband due to his work taking him away from the UK and quarantine rules. They game together and chat online. It helps them to connect and do something they both enjoy.

Group online dates or meetups

If being “alone” on a video call is not your thing or you feel self-conscious, then why not try a group blind date or group meet up online? Everyone brings their own drinks and snacks and joins the chat, and you can play silly games or even have a quiz night. A good ice breaker and less intense than one to one meeting if you are not ready. Get your friends on board to support you and make it easier.

Do an online class together

There are so many companies moving to offer online classes these days, that make it easier to access things we can’t do in real life right now. Companies like Red Letter Days offer online courses that you could do to add some romance. A chocolate making and tasting session or some wine tasting course might be fun to do, and also help you get to know someone better too.

One day we will look back on this time and think about how we coped and what changes we had to make to manage. It will seem very strange to come out of what I call “life in the time of corona” and get back to normal. It will happen. In the meantime, you don’t have to put dating and romance on hold. I believe you can make it work, and it might even be a lot of fun…

dating and romance

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