It’s ok to not be ok – what Covid has taught me…

What Covid has taught me?

what covid has taught me

That it’s ok to put me and mine first. As someone who has spent most of their life serving others, caring for others, putting the needs of others first, this time has shown me that it’s actually ok to give myself to those closest to me. 

That not everyone who depended on you should be depending on you and that it’s ok to prioritise.

That not everyone agrees with my views on life. That’s ok, we don’t all have to agree. However it’s also shown me that the toxic beliefs I’ve tolerated in others don’t have to be lived with. 

That life doesn’t always go the way you planned, and that it can seem to be taking a turn you didn’t want, but that actually, that can be a blessing in disguise. 

That making dramatic changes to life because your hand has been forced by life, isn’t actually always as scary as it seems. Once you are in it, it’s actually ok. 

That letting go hurts. That other people won’t always understand that hurt, but that doesn’t make that hurt less valid.

That it’s ok to be scared and worried, but also ok to feel calm and ok. 

That you have to put on your oxygen mask first  before you can help anyone else put theirs on,  but that sometimes it takes a while for you to get enough oxygen to be able to help other people. That is ok. Taking time to breathe and recover is ok. Letting others take the strain is on. Also, sometimes people need to learn to put their own masks on. 

What covid has taught me?

That I am actually a lot stronger than I think and that it really is ok to be ok, and that you don’t need to be ok for people who have not got your back…

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