Gorgeous pet prints from West & Willow

*We are delighted to be reviewing a gorgeous pet print from West & Willow. All opinions are our own*

I am always on the look out for fun things to decorate our home with or to create a quirky feature that is eye catching, and if it involves something cat related then that’s all the better.

West & Willow make fabulous pet portraits taking an image of your beloved pet and creating something unique for you to display or share.

West & Willow

They take their job very personally.

I’m Ben, a life-long East Coaster, creative problem solver, proud pet owner, and the founder of West & Willow. A year ago, I went searching for a pet portrait in a style that matched my modern design aesthetic, but I came up short. And just like that, West & Willow was born.

OK, not just like that. It took some moving and shaking, but when we finalized our very first portrait sample—of my French Bulldog, Zoey—I felt an instant rush of joy. I felt closer to her and as if I was showing her how important she is to me. Since then, I’ve had one goal in mind: to spread this joy to as many pet-loving people as possible.

We’re more than a pet portrait. We’re a stand-out or stand-alone piece, a conversation starter, and a way to bring life to any room.

At West & Willow, we celebrate the bond between people and pets by offering tastefully designed pet portraits. I hope this introduction has given you some insight into who we are and what we care about. Above all, the bond you have with your pet will offer them the happiest life. If we can be a small part of that, I’ll consider this venture a success.

If you follow our blog you will know about the cats that form part of the cats, kids chaos “brand” and that Layla is really the star of the show and the boss of the house. We humans are here to serve and keep them happy.

So immortalising her in image form is always fun and because she’s rather fabulous and looks good in a photo, taking a picture of her and creating something with West & Willow works well.

They are very clever at taking the image you send and creating a portrait you can then display whereever you want to, in your home, or as a gift for someone to remeber or commemorate a beloved pet. This would be ideal for someone who perahps has lost a pet and wants something really unique and different to rememeber them with. It’s also a fun gift for any pet lover or animal lover.

The beauty of West & Willow is they work the magic for you. You choose an image of your pet, and as long as it’s a good quality image they take it and produce a print you will love.

We think it’s pawsome and the purrfect representation of Layla. You can opt for different sizes and for a frame or unframed depending on what you have in mind for display.

So if you have a pet you want to immortalise in print, why not send your image across to West & Willow and see what they can do for you.

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