Meal Plan Monday – back to normal ish.

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday and hopefully this week after having had covid, we are back to normal ish, and although both adults are still not fully on the mend (we have been told the tiredness, cough, and loss of smell could take a few weeks to go) we are hoping that this week will be gentle on us.

back to normal

Thank you to everyone who linked up last week. I can’t choose who’s meal plan to share, so I am going to tag everyone.

Life as Kim had a busy week of shopping and family life and her meals always sounds yummy.

Mud, Cakes and Wine had cola ham, which reminds me that my children want this for Christmas, I must start planning that, and also scampi which we haven’t had for ages. I need to work on seeing if I can either make or get that gluten free because it’s not fair if the teen can’t enjoy it otherwise.

Bobbing Along had Swedish Meatballs on their meal plan, something we love at Ikea but I have never made at home, I must add that to my to try list.

I love seeing what other people plan to eat and make. I think it’s partly being nosy about what other people eat and also I find it very inspriational too, because I will see a meal and think “oooh, we could try that” or “we haven’t had that for ages” or “I reckon I can make that so we can eat it” so please do link up and share your meals below in our weekly link up, find some other bloggers sharing what they eat and cook and maybe some new ideas for yourself.

I was very grateful last week as the full effect of Covid hit us that I had done some cooking and freezing, because although I was able to be up and about every day, I wasn’t feeling the full love of being in the kitchen. Some of our meals were as planned and some of them were quick and easy. I had some lentil soup in the freezer that I pulled out and I also made miso noodle soup, which the kids love too.

But this week, although I am super tired, I am back at work and meal planning and our week looks like this. I am actually starting from Sunday night this week as we have shifted our grocery shopping day to work around some work comittments I have but it’s still Meal Plan Monday because for me, Monday is the start of the week.

So this week we have:

Sunday – curry with rice and poppadum

Monday – The teen is cooking. I believe it’s a salmon pastry concoction, thanks to the lovely online lessons she’s having with Smart Raspberry.

Tuesday – gluten free lasagne (I make a cows milk free sauce too)

Wednesday – Pesto pasta because we are back to ballet in London which means we need quick and easy.

Thursday – twice baked potatoes and using up what’s left in the fridge

Friday – home made pizza night

Saturday – food shopping and I haven’t planned that far yet. I am trying to persuade the husband to let us start doing some shopping at Costco but it’s quite a far drive from us and we would need a new or bigger freezer and he’s not convinced on those things, it’s a work in progress.

And that’s us. Back to normal ish.

What are you eating this week?

Why not join our linky and add your meal plan or food plan for the week and then visit some other blogs too. I will comment on all posts and tweet them out too.

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  1. Aww! Thank you for the mention and for hosting.
    I am glad you are feeling a little better now. I hope the tiredness passes soon.
    Great meal plan. I love the sound of what your teen is cooking. We love salmon here but never eat it often enough. x

  2. Oh nooo ! I missed a couple of weeks as I was visiting my family so I didn’t know you’d all come down with covid. Hope you’re not feeling too rough now. Great week of food – I love it when my daughter cooks and it’s usually delicious too ! πŸ™‚

  3. So glad to hear that you are not struggling with covid any longer. I think I have actually had covid as well in the middle of October. The tiredness is no joke next level you are doing amazing to make so many tasty meals I think I am slightly jealous

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