Don’t make me do Secret Santa…

I love Christmas, I love all things Christmas. But there is one thing I will ask, nay, I will plead, in fact I will stamp my feet and refuse to take part in… Please don’t make me do Secret Santa.

Secret Santa

Bah humbug. Don’t add me to a Secret Santa as part of any group. No I don’t want to join.

Secret Santa is a waste of money, extra pressure when we are up to our eyeballs in already planning for Christmas in every shape and form.

Being told to:

Get a gift for someone but you don’t know who it is, but you are allowed to spend x amount and they will get it and not know who it came from is – weird and stressful.

Get a gift for someone and you know who it is – is weird and stressful.

Being told to spend money you either can’t afford to spend or don’t want to spend is annoying and weird.

Being given a gift you might not want or need by someone you don’t know is wierd.

Basically it’s a waste of time and money. Unless you know the person you are getting the gift for, or you are very good at guessing it’s just another thing to add to the pressure of Christmas. When one person spends more and makes more effort than another, or when someone gifts a joke present that goes badly wrong, or when someone hasn’t even bothered to make effort, or when someone can’t afford it?

Why do we do it?

I refuse to take part. I don’t see the point. I am not a person who likes stuff for the sake of being given stuff and I hate money being wasted. I hate having to pretend I like things and I hate shopping for people I may not know well or the pressure to perform.

It’s just an excuse to spend more money, pretend we are full of Christmas love and you either end up feeling akward or with a box of Lindor chocolates (which frankly are another Christmas abomination that should be banned)

I would rather not spend the money, or if at a push, give it to a charity that at least can put the money to good use.

They now do it at school and we are told how much to spend and it’s much more than I would spend on someone I work with. It’s ridiculous to encourage children to spend money on a classmate they may not know well or even like.

So can we just stop pretending Secret Santa is fun for everyone, and lower the pressure for people to join in? Let it go. If you want to get someone a gift, then that’s fine, but Secret Santa really isn’t fun.

Bah Humbug, I say…

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