How to keep hardwood floors looking great in winter

*We hope this collaborative post on how to keep hardwood floors looking great throughout winter is helpful to our readers*

Hardwood floor maintenance is very crucial and tough in the winter, especially for those who are dealing with a harsh winter where heavy rains, ice, snow, and salt can add to the difficulty. Even the best-kept wood floors may be damaged by the seasonal difficulties of winter, which include scratches, stains, broken floorboards, and more.

keep hardwood floors looking great

1. Protect Yourself From Rock Salt Damage

Rock salt helps vehicles avoid sliding on slick spots in snowy locations, but it may cause blotches on wooden floors. If dragged indoors, the rough crystals may harm flooring. Instead of using vinegar to remove the stain, we recommend putting rugs and mats in high-traffic areas to preserve the flooring. Ask family members and guests to remove their shoes before entering the house to reduce the amount of rock salt carried inside.

2. Monitor Heat Levels

During cold winters, it may feel wonderful to set the radiator to a warm temperature however, this could cause hardwood floors to dry out, likely to result in deformation and even breakage. If feasible, keep the temperature reasonable and a humidifier running to retain moisture in the air.

3. Beware of Spills

Clean up spills on wooden floors as soon as possible, all the more so during large events. Even a minor spill can cause temporary or permanent damage to the surface of the floor, so keep a damp cloth handy for a swift clean-up.


4. Keep a consistent maintenance schedule

Applying Direct Wood Flooring maintenance instructions throughout year might help your floors get a solid start before the cold weather arrives. Throughout the winter, clean up regularly to avoid dirt build-up, and always mop with the wood grain, never against.

5. Conduct a Season-End Checkup

Some winter-related damage to wooden floors may be unavoidable, despite your hard work. At the end of each season, inspect the floors for discoloration, dents, or moisture damage. Severe concerns may indicate that it’s better to hire a professional to restore the floors before next year’s winter.

6. Put the money in the Right Cleaning Supplies

Rather than merely dragging dirt about your floor, invest in a high-quality mop, particularly one made of microfiber or similar material that collects dirt particles. Cleaning particles from wood flooring using a soft-bristled vacuum is also highly effective. Dry mops produce a nice sheen, but they should be used according to the instructions provided by your wood flooring store or manufacturer.

All of these suggestions will help to increase the lifespan of your wood floors and keep them clean over the winter. Do your share to ensure that wood floors have their beauty and charm for many years to come.

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